Face Off

Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are incredible finds for bargain skins in Second Life. I found out about it because I was looking for an Asian skin for a new project at The Powerhouse Collective. Sadly, the project fell through, but I still wanted to style something.

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From Bora Bora to Madagascar in Second Life

Well….I just realized that I never actually talked about my trip to Bora Bora last year. When I was updating an old friend via email, I was looking on my blog for the post that talked about the trip. Only to find…that there was no such post. I think what happened was that I ended up commenting on my photos on Facebook, and that served as a mini blog of events.

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A.M. Shopping

I was wondering…should I make some posts that are exclusive only to my blog? I think that would help me post more, without worrying about things like Flickr engagement. That’s one of the reasons why it can be hard for me to blog. While I was shopping at Mainframe (never been here before) to pick up something for my next blog post, I was thinking how I got dressed just to go pick up this item…only to have to take it off again to do a blog post.


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