A.M. Shopping

I was wondering…should I make some posts that are exclusive only to my blog? I think that would help me post more, without worrying about things like Flickr engagement. That’s one of the reasons why it can be hard for me to blog. While I was shopping at Mainframe (never been here before) to pick up something for my next blog post, I was thinking how I got dressed just to go pick up this item…only to have to take it off again to do a blog post.


Headphones: BONDI . The CyberCat Headphones
Hair: Lamb. Ari
Skin: [the Skinnery] Isla (Genus) honey

Sneakers: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers (Maitreya-Flat) Slipped On
Coat: RKKN. Paige Coat v2 Blue / Maitreya
Leggings: ::C’est la vie !:: Soonah Leggings (#1)

Poses: FOXCITY Breather Vol1, Posesion Adore
Location: Mainframe (Jan 20 – Feb 13)

So I figured, why not blog this part too?

To buy, or not to buy? That is the question.

I think I hurt my hand yesterday when I was shoveling snow…boooo. When I rub my right hand in a certain area, I can feel that it’s tender. It doesn’t look like it has any bruising, so it just may be sore.

There are a lot of things in this outfit that I don’t normally wear for different reasons, which is probably why I was inspired to blog it.

My hair: I really wish I could wear this long ponytail more. It’s one of the few wavy/curly ponytails that I know about. However, I can’t get it to fit around my ears well. That’s why I have on my headphones ^^

My jacket:  When I saw this coat on Flickr, I wanted to get it. It’s a gacha item (of course lol). I got the green coat from the marketplace, but it didn’t have a HUD. So, I actually went to the store and played their gacha a few times. I got a pair of jeans (not shown here), a brown coat, and this blue coat. Both of the coats had the HUD, which allows you to change the t-shirt, sweater, and shirt. Yes, this “coat” has 4 layers ^^ The reason why I wouldn’t wear it a whole lot is because with 4 layers comes a bit of bulk. I generally don’t prefer bulky items.

My shoes: Any that knows me, knows I love my heels. But these slip-on sneakers remind me of RL when you want to wear something to go to the corner store, or to walk around in your backyard. But not during the snow or rain, of course.

What I would wear? My leggings – I was actually looking for more because I wanted an updated paid of leggings.  Now if I can find high waist and low waist stockings/pantyhose without reinforced toes, that would be great ^^

Okay, time to get to work!

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