Saying Goodbye to 2021

I’ve done a few of these end-of-the-year posts before. Check out my posts from 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017. I think it’s a great way to wrap up the year. Even though this year has proven to be challenging to my blogging schedule, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t talk to you guys to end the year.

Styling Credits

Dress & Antlers: PM: A Child’s Wish 2.0 Dress -Maitreya-
Hair: DOUX – BYOB Hairstyle
no.match_HAIRBASE D short icy 2
.:JUMO:. Madison Eyebrows White
[mock] Winter Rainbow Collection [blush] Rushing
Beaumore ‘Yeri Lipstick’ PACK 2 for Genus (HUD)
Izzie’s – Genus – Snow Less
Izzie’s – Genus – Blue Eyeshadow
Izzie’s – Catwa – Eyebrow Glitter A silver
Sparkles: :*BABY*: Magical Glitter – Star sparkle
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Enfleurage Set
Poses: Posesion Adelin & Penumbra
Location: Love Valley Romance

This year, PurpleMoon (by Poulet Koenkamp) came back for the holiday season. She’s been gone for a few years, and I always enjoyed her holiday dresses. So when she came back with not only an Advent calendar, but new dresses, I had to blog this one.

It’s quintessential winter holiday magic and wonder…a glimpse into what could be…if we only dream it.

Let’s see…what do I normally talk about this time of year? Let’s do a rundown of typical and new topics….

Advent Calendars

This year, my go-to places were Akasha, JUMO, Celestina’s, Sofia, and PurpleMoon. I feel like I am leaving a couple of them out lol. In addition, Charisma’s Designs had a calendar, and Chop Zuey had a dozen presents instead of the traditional 12 Days of Christmas.

Christmas & Rez Day

This is my place with all of the cards & presents that I received rezzed out…and this is only Christmas and not rez day. I don’t know…there is something about having the cards that people send you out inworld. It makes my house feel more homey.

This was my Christmas card this year. Only 2 cats made it in this year…everyone else was asleep or wandering around somewhere.

I had a nice rez day. I got presents from friends, warm messages, and nearly 20 people wished me well on Facebook, which I think is a record 🙂 And I got to do an escape room over on VR Chat. Because of some of those presents, I think I will do a new series on my blog next month…stay tuned * winks *

End of Year Collage

Sadly, I didn’t take enough pics (of myself that I uploaded to Flickr) to be able to do that this year…boo. So I did a top 3 collage.

The first photo I believe was the first time in a while that I hit 99+ faves. Even though I know I am not engaging enough people to be able to keep my numbers up, it’s sad when you know you have quality photos. dd that to the fact that we started to get notifications when Flickr group owners started randomly removing photos, and I kinda lost my zest for Flickr. But that photo was taken at a beach area, so you know I’m always happy there 🙂

The second photo was taken with a hairbase that I love, but can be hard to do looks with. Also, it shows that I started wearing tattoos again after a long while of not doing so. I still think tats are hard to rez in when you are doing show photography, but I am more confident that I can get them to look right in time. But yes, I think Carol G at 60L Weekend for getting me to appreciate tats again.

The last photo is a peek-a-boo photo, and it makes me feel like a lioness in the jungle. This photo I believe should had gotten over 100 faves…100%.

Taking Pictures with Friends

Over the second half of the year, I have taken a number of photos with and for friends. The top 3 I can think of is Morgan with both her campaigns against DV and her fun photoshoots, Eva with her friends photo, and Jena with her New Year’s photo.

On Moni: .:{Sofia}:. Titania Gown Dress. Maitreya Lara DOUX – Morning Hairstyle [M2/ Big bun] [mock] Autumn Rainbow Collection [blush] Pink Apple [mock] Winter Rainbow Collection [blush] Rushing .:JUMO:. Alethea Necklace IDTTY FACES – GENUS SKYSCRAPER COLLECTION ::SG:: Selene Bento Nail Maitreya hive // happy new year headband JUMO Originals – AISHA XMAS Earrings [Glitzz] Zoe Bracelets

The Fashion Loft

5 years in Second Life!

Holiday Card!

Today is the last day of TFL’s Holiday Shopping Event, and once again we had a great event. Here’s a video of our opening party on the 11th:

Next month…White Winter Ball on January 8th!

Goals for next year

Stay happy and healthy, mentally and physically, so that my dreams can become reality. If you want more detail, have a look at what i said in previous years.

Lindens Winter Snowball Fight

I would like to go back with some friends early next year if possible ^^

The Scarlett Hotel (Winter Edition)

This was an exploration hunt around the Scarlett Hotel (by DRD). There were around a dozen story murder mysteries that you had to solve by finding clues around the hotel. The tricky part about this is that you could be working on multiple mysteries at once; it’s not linear (unlike other games).

I took a LOT of pictures and notes, so I may do my own walk-through. Sadly, this closes I believe on January 1. But it’s good enough to do a walk-through regardless.

So, what you have seen is probably like 75% of what I’ve done this month. And this level of activity happens every month. So, this is why I have been away. I love blogging, and I still take photos from time to time (but don’t post them up). Also, I have been taking a TON of fashion show photos, both for fun and for work. So, I feel like my photography skill is growing, even though you don’t see it here as much.

Final Thoughts for 2021

If you have made it this far, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support my blog. In a time where everyone is good to quickly look at Flickr photos, or scroll through FB or Instagram, the art of blogging seems to have taken a backseat. I will always do my best to support blogging and writing…so stay tuned!

Happy shopping!

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