Blogotex – the big bad wolf in Second Life blogging…or is it?

I have been sitting on this topic for a while…watching while one person after the other talks about the downside of a blogger management tool called Blogotex. How it stifles creativity, how it tempts bloggers to take more items than what they can blog, how it’s anti-social, and so on. There are content creators who need help with managing their brand, and they believe tools such as Blogotex help them a great deal.

What is Blogotex? According to their inworld information, “BLOGOTEX is a Web / SecondLife based solution that takes creator<–>managers<–>bloggers cooperation to whole new level by providing an environment, automation and functionality to ease the whole process and make it time efficient.”

I’ll start this discussion by talking about my experiences with Blogotex, then address concerns people have with it. And then, give my opinions on them all.


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Recent Changes to Premium Membership by Linden Lab

I’ve been trying to edit a certain photo for a few days now, and every time I do my computer overheats or I get called away to do something. So I decided to go with a different photo and change topics. I was going to touch upon a few topics, but then I kinda got carried away on this one…so you only get one topic today ^^

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Revisiting the Past

Hey guys! Today I went to Luanes Magical World to take pictures of items from Ghee and Chop Zuey.  I had a feeling of deja vu, so I had a look at my blog archives. Turns out I was here in 2016 specifically to take photos for the same two designers. Funny, huh? Too bad my video making hasn’t evolved much since then. I just don’t like the set up for the videos…close all of your windows, take off all of your huds, do this, hide that. Meh 😦

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Self Reflection

Hey guys! After the sale at Merch where I was able to get the fur coat that I have been wanting for a while, I got some inspiration to take some photos. I have a friend who takes exceptional photos, and he has a certain style in taking his photos. So today, I tried to find my own, intimate style in taking photos. But first I’ll show you the other stuff that I got from Merch.

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