Christmas 2019

Hey guys! How did everyone spend their Christmas? In real life I went over to a friend’s house to celebrate. She had moved in September, but since I was doing a fashion show in SL I wasn’t able to attend her housewarming party. I know – you aren’t supposed to postpone RL for SL lol. But she told me like  maybe 10 days before and the show and her party started at the same time. I made macaroni and cheese and potato salad. 

I actually didn’t do too much on SL for Christmas. But there has been a lot happening on the grid.

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Revisiting the Past

Hey guys! Today I went to Luanes Magical World to take pictures of items from Ghee and Chop Zuey.  I had a feeling of deja vu, so I had a look at my blog archives. Turns out I was here in 2016 specifically to take photos for the same two designers. Funny, huh? Too bad my video making hasn’t evolved much since then. I just don’t like the set up for the videos…close all of your windows, take off all of your huds, do this, hide that. Meh 😦

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Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens

Hey guys! Today I have something special for you. Chop Zuey has quite the intricate piece for 68 Main, called Lady Ba of the Nine Heavens. 68 Main runs until December 25th this round.

The first set consists of gold face piercings, which includes:

– dimple piercings
– labrette piercings
– septum
– anti-eye piercings
– tribal nose piercing

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