The Fashion Loft Celebrates Five Years in Second Life!

This will be a great event – look forward to seeing you there!

The Fashion Loft

The Fashion Loft celebrates 5 years in Second Life!

TFL 2021 Masquerade Party

Join us at our Masquerade Ball on Friday, October 29 from 2 – 6 PM SLT, and party with us!
Landmark will be given day of the event – join our group inworld, or follow our FB page so you won’t miss out!

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Blogger Meetup – Blogotex Collective Blacklist

Calling all bloggers! Come join us at The Fashion Loft at 1 PM SLT for a discussion on one of the latest features added to Blogotex!

The Fashion Loft

Join us at The Fashion Loft Headquarters on September 19 @ 1 PM SLT, where we will talk about the “Blogger Blacklist”.

This will be a discussion on the recent feature that Blogotex added – the “Collective Blacklist”.

What are the benefits of having such a feature? What would be the drawbacks?
How do bloggers feel about the new blacklist feature?
What reasons would a blogger have to take items and not blog them?

Please contact Monica Querrien with any questions.

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From Bora Bora to Madagascar in Second Life

Well….I just realized that I never actually talked about my trip to Bora Bora last year. When I was updating an old friend via email, I was looking on my blog for the post that talked about the trip. Only to find…that there was no such post. I think what happened was that I ended up commenting on my photos on Facebook, and that served as a mini blog of events.

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