21 Shoe Event – April Round

Hello everyone, and welcome to this round of 21 Shoe! It feels good to be back, but I think I will need to take this new computer back to the shop for them to look at it. It keeps restarting at random, and I can’t identify the cause of it :/

What has changed since the last round that I covered? There is a group fee of 150 L, which I find odd. I mean sure, it’s great that we can gain access to get great deals on shoes, but items only come out once a month. It’s rough to hold on to a group for 27-30 days with no activity. However, I hear we are going to have a gift in a few days so maybe there will be incentives for people to stay in the group? I will keep you posted.

I see that there is a good variety of shoes for the various brands of mesh bodies – Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and even The Mesh Project. I love the pastel colors for the spring season as well. Remember that these shoes (at this price) is only available for one day only! Some shoes may not be available after today, so keep an eye out for shoes that say “exclusive” ^^


 Bliensen + MaiTai  - April's 21 Shoe Event in Second Life

 Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | TMP | Belleza | 329L

 Eclectica at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| 250L

Essenz at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


No Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | 280 L

Glamistry at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| Maitreya| Belleza |297 L

Ingenue at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | Belleza | 295 L

KC Couture at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life
KC Couture

Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |300 L

 Kokoia at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |199 L

Livalle at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya |  Belleza |299 L

MV at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo | Slink High | 300 L

MyADDICTION at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | 250 L

N-Core at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life

N-Core Design

Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |N-core Xtreme Feet | 395 L

YS&YS at 21 Shoe Event in Second LIfe


Demo | Slink High | Maitreya | 350 L

Temporarily Out of Commission

Update 4/18/15: I am happy to report that I finally have a working computer, and am back on SL. Once I get settled, I will be back to giving you awesome posts! Thanks for your patience ^^

Update 04/13/15: I now have my new computer, but unfortunately my monitor is not picking up a signal from the computer. After a lot of effort it was decided that I needed a new monitor that has a HDMI input because my graphics card doesn’t do VGA that well. Won’t be able to do that until the weekend. 

Update 03/30/15: After talking to Dell about my cancelled order (they had cancelled and I had no idea why), it looks like they do not have the power supply that I need for the computer. I am exploring my options and hope to have a resolution within the next week or so. It will be my break from classes, so I will have more time to address this issue. What a bummer :/

Update 03/23/15: I am waiting for Dell to ship to me the power supply that I need for my computer. After I get it, the Dell technician is supposed to come to install it. I opted to do it this way because I wanted to make sure it was done correctly, and I didn’t want to take my tower outside in the snow (at the time). It honestly does not feel like it has been a month without my computer, but as we all know time flies (and flies even faster in Second Life). Stay tuned for more updates!


Hey guys – I have some news for you all. On Saturday evening my computer was unable to be turned on. I suspect it has to do with the computer’s motherboard after some research and talking to one of my friends who is savvy with computers. While I work on getting that fixed I will not be able to update this blog. Hopefully I will be back sooner than later, but you never know with these things. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of the other bloggers on my blogroll? If you do, tell them that I sent ya over ^^

Happy shopping everyone! 





Fifty Linden Fridays – February 13


Hey everyone! This week I decided to do a post on what you can find at Fifty Linden Fridays today. All items are for 50 L for one day only. There are many nice things out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I didn’t want you to miss out on anything ^^ There were a couple of stores that did not have anything out (or if they were, I couldn’t tell), so you will not see them here.

Happy shopping!



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MadPea – Buried (Part IV)

Welcome back to BURIED! I recommend that you read my other posts on the game before reading this part. The other posts have clues to where you need to go; this is more of a review of the experience.

This was the second game from MadPea Productions that I participated in, and after this, I feel like my honeymoon with MadPea games is over. What I mean by that is my initial thrill and excitement about participating in such has waned. Why? It may help if I compared it to the other game that I played – Blood Letters.


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MadPea – Buried (Part III)

Welcome to Part III of BURIED! This is an interactive game produced by MadPea. I left off at Sn@tch because even though the clue seemed easy enough, for some reason I couldn’t find it right away. You may be able to see why once you go there. This will conclude the actual hunt coverage, but I wanted to make a separate post to talk about my view of this hunt.

This hunt took me about 8 hours to do over a 3 day period. The second day alone was about 5 hours.


buriedpt3_021Warning – spoilers ahead!

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