The Heat is On

In the summer, it can be difficult to find a place to cool off luckily there are many ways in which you can escape from the heat and enjoy yourself during the summer. You can go swimming in the ocean or go fishing on a beach.

A quote from a famous book, very well written but what does it mean? Does it mean that everyone in the summer decides to go somewhere and just drop down and does nothing ?

For me this year, the summer was a little hectic, lot of things came around and even work decided to push me around the globe. So I didn’t get to do all the things that I had planned for these 2 months.

Luckily I have friends that always come up with the strangest challenges, sometimes even to the end of the world strange but that’s all part of life 😉 Now you might be wondering what these strange challenges were …

1) Skydive from a decent height, making sure you don’t crash into each other when you reach the ground.

2) Visit 100 regions and on each region leave a prim with your name on it

3) Host a Fashion show without any help from anyone

Now each of these ideas sounds nice but 1 of them stood out to me the most. Monica had to laugh when I told her which one, she said honestly that she thinks I would never have picked that one.

So, dear readers, you will be the first ones to hear that I will be hosting a Fashion Show in 2023 for The Fashion Loft.

Working title for this Fashion Show: “The Scare of your Life”

The reason why I picked that challenge and not the other ones, since 2018 I have been part of the journey of the Fashion Loft and I think it’s time for me to pick up the glove and actually do something that no one who knows me would ever expect me to do.

So, the upcoming months will be filled with lots of planning, I’m open for ideas.

Styling Credits:

Shape:         Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:             -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:             A&A Nicolas Hair

Face Off

Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are incredible finds for bargain skins in Second Life. I found out about it because I was looking for an Asian skin for a new project at The Powerhouse Collective. Sadly, the project fell through, but I still wanted to style something.

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A Summer’s Tale

In the summer, people’s minds are in a good place and their mood is at its best.

I met up with one of my oldest friends inworld and she showed me a small sample of her new eBook she’s been writing about virtual worlds and how they are quite like the real life.

With her permission, here’s a small exempt from one of the pages she has written so far

Each year it’s cheerful, a band start with many people but doesnt last too long. Me and a friend are partying when we can hear an acoustic guitar playing. We walk up to the door of this small house and there’s this guy playing. It’s a country song he wrote about a woman he met in his hometown. You can see in his eyes that he’s sad but the music tells us otherwise.

I know that feeling, when you get your heart broken you want everyone to feel like you do, but you also don’t want anyone to know. Music is something that people use as therapy, as they sing or write their feelings down on paper because music is something people love and can share with others through words or sound. That night I learned how music can help me forget my sorrows.

I sometimes think back to the days when Secondlife was thriving with events like SL19B but honestly I have forgotten how much effort it takes to prepare for an event.

Hopefully in July the weather outside will be a little better, this month has been a warm month that doesn’t make me go inworld too much. And that empty seat from last month … it didn’t get filled ……

How time flies when …

Wondering what the month has done for many, for me it’s been quite the adventure on the Grid. Almost every day that I logged in, the Grid was booming with all kinds of events. Fantasy Faire, Sci FiCon and of course the famous “Cut the Lindens Hair”

Altho many of those events are nice to go to, my favorite time was when I could just lay down in a chair and enjoy the nice peace and quietness of the waves just hitting onto the beach.

In next month’s episode we’ll see if that chair to the right will be filled once vacation time hits for the people around the word.

Styling Credits:

Shape:         Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:             -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:             A&A Nicolas Hair
Shorts:        Johan’s Shorts


Easter came early this year

Just when you think you have so much time to shop in Secondlife, Easter comes around and sweeps you off your place. This year’s Easter was interesting since there were a lot of stores that decided to do something extra after 2 years of hardship.

Luckily this year I came prepared and had already asked someone to make something special for a dear friend of mine. But what did I get for myself this year, I really wanted to at least change 1 thing more on my body before I throw out my hair and skin from back in the days.

So onward to the store where I bought my skin, only to find out they had completely redone their store which also meant that my original skin (read 2017) was no longer an option. Bummer but at least I was able to find a skin tone that looks almost the same as my original one.

Styling Credits:

Shape:        Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:           -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:            A&A Nicolas Hair

Throwing some color

“Where did I leave all those paintballs … I wish my brain wasn’t this hazy at times”

When I heard about the event that Zaara was going to be hosting, I had to think back about the early days of Secondlife. Your hair getting stuck in your butt, region crossing that would eat you “alive” and of course the long waiting times when a region was filled to the brim with people that wanted to be the first to get an item that a store had put out.

Luckily this year Zaara was throwing an amazing party for those to wanted to celebrate Holi, a two-day Hindu festival that originates in India. Her region was turned into an amazing place complete with the paintballs and the water pistols who we sadfully weren’t able to use. At the end of the event I managed to take Monica to a spot in the Store that allowed us to sit down and relax.

Styling Credits – Johan

Shape:        Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:           *Birth* North Skin 2017
Hair:            A&A Nicolas Hair
Outfit:         Zaara : Avni kurta holi edition

Styling Credits – Monica

Shape:        Moni’s Shape
Skin:            The Skinnery
Hair:            DOUX – Airi
Outfit:         Zaara : Avni kurta holi edition


What have I done

“No, this isn’t fitting your avatar” as I look through all those Marketplace listings that are clearly not for Belleza Jake.

Another day has started and it’s almost time to go to the yearly “Hug a Linden” event, I don’t want to look the same way as I did last year. So onward to the Marketplace to find a decent outfit that doesn’t make me look like “Popeye the Sailorman” and definitely not like “Ironman”

There’s so many items that would look good on you” I hear in my ear when I am looking for a simple outfit that I would wear without feeling that I am playing dress-up for a fancy event. Finally my eye falls on a simple outfit that looks like you just came home from school but doesn’t scream “Jock”

Styling Credits

Shape:        Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:           *Birth* North Skin 2017
Hair:            A&A Nicolas Hair
Shirt:           Sweater Buttoned T-Shirt Scarf – Belleza Jake
Jeans:         Twistys Rocco Jeans (Grey) – Belleza
Backdrop: WeArH0uSE [now] Backdrop
Pose:           PosESioN Carlos 1






The Journey begins

“Well, after a long period of time … it’s finally come to this day. The 8th of January 2022 is when my life changed”

This could have been the start of a long roleplay story but in reality it’s the beginning of my journey as a Mesh person. Many people have wondered how I got to this point in my SecondLife and asked me to document the journey.

“Hi, my name is Johan and I am now a Mesh person” would be the best first introduction when I met you on the 8th of January. Earlier that day I was pointed to the Belleza blog in which it mentioned that Jake, their male mesh body was on sale. Curious as I was teleported to the store and saw that it was nice looking and even came with a huge discount so my finger hovered over the buy button for about 1 second.

“Belleza Jake has been delivered to your inventory” the message showed on my screen, what have I started ….

Styling Credits

Shape:     Johan’s Shape 2017
*Birth* North Skin 2017
A&A Nicolas Hair
Suit:        xkessentialsuitwhite (Jake Belleza)
:x3x: Formal
  Sitting at the Docks (Photostudio)

In the upcoming blogs we will see how I find clothing all over Secondlife, maybe even find a mesh head that fits my shape. I wish to extend a big thanks to Monica Querrien for allowing me to document this through her blog.

Old Meets New

Hey everyone! I was standing in The Bearded Guy’s store, and I was able to get 8 backdrops while I was shopping weekend sales and looking around the store. How did I do it? When you join their group, every 2 minutes everyone who has the group tag activated has a possibility of winning. I think it’s great 🙂 So, I have two items that I have blogged in the past….

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