Easter came early this year

Just when you think you have so much time to shop in Secondlife, Easter comes around and sweeps you off your place. This year’s Easter was interesting since there were a lot of stores that decided to do something extra after 2 years of hardship.

Luckily this year I came prepared and had already asked someone to make something special for a dear friend of mine. But what did I get for myself this year, I really wanted to at least change 1 thing more on my body before I throw out my hair and skin from back in the days.

So onward to the store where I bought my skin, only to find out they had completely redone their store which also meant that my original skin (read 2017) was no longer an option. Bummer but at least I was able to find a skin tone that looks almost the same as my original one.

Styling Credits:

Shape:        Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:           -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:            A&A Nicolas Hair

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