January’s Reflections

Some people have noticed my semi-absence from Second Life. I log in so I don’t cap too badly (but I still do lol), but I haven’t been engaging as much for the last couple of weeks. I just needed a break to get some perspective. I have had fun playing Guns of Glory, and met some new friends around the globe.

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End of the Month Wrap Up

Since it’s officially the fall season, the temperature has cooled down…thank goodness. Of course some of it had to do with Hurricane Florence – lots of rain, but that only added to the rain that my area had all summer.
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Meet Lilith!

Did you miss what Ghee is offering this month at The Darkness? You will feel sexy, sleek, and lithe in this bodysuit from Ghee, so stop

Bodysuit: Ghee Lilith Body Suit – Maitreya – Berry (@ The Darkness August round)
Shoes: Ghee Lilith Fishnet Boots – Maitreya
Gloves: Ghee Lilith Bento Opera Gloves – Maitreya
Hair: Lamb. Work
Location: The Manor Suites

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Has Second Life Modeling died?

Hey guys! I think I may have to start blogging in the mornings because otherwise I cannot stay in this hot room for long to get much of anything done…smh.

I saw on Facebook a video that Crista Wellens had made regarding the state of fashion modeling in Second Life. It is the first episode of her venture into vlogging, and I thought it started off with a bang. She makes a statement in saying that “modeling as we know it in Second Life is dead”, which is enough to stir up some emotion in those who are professional models in SL.

I was challenged by someone to do a reaction blog to this video, so…challenge accepted!

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Luxe Box January 2017 Reveal

Hey guys – hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I have decided to do another Luxe Box reveal & review. The first one I did was in June, so things have changed a little since then. Now you can join the group on the 15th of the month for 3000L. This comes in handy because if you really want an item (or more) after you see what is in the subscription for the month, you can still get it.

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My thoughts on June’s Luxe Box

Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Luxe Box has released its second subscription box to its group members. For those who do not know what Luxe Box is, for 1500 L you get access to 12 designers’ new releases. Even though you do not get to see what you are getting beforehand, these are all quality designers. For those who are used to buying fatpacks of items, this SL subscription box will be right up your alley. If you are the type to buy 1-2 items at a time, the 1500L can be your monthly indulgence. There is always at least one “WOW!” item, and if you are a fan of one of the participating stores, it can be a real treat. You can join (or rejoin) on July 1st, and all past Luxe boxes will be on sale for 2000L (for active subscribers).

Luxe Box June 2016 - Second Life

I think he was trying to take me somewhere…I had asked him his name so that I could add it to the hud, and then all of sudden he started to fly…*winks*

Skybox: Scarlet Creative – Alaouite Skybox
Hair: Lamb – Prove It
Dress: Tee*fy Sabrina Dress
Boots: Reign Estee Heels
Bear (sparkles not included): MishMish – Beary ice Cream

I had fun taking this photo after I walked around the skybox. I actually used the unpacking animation from Exposeur (who is having a closing sale until the end of June), and made the box transparent so I could still use the pose.

Okay – on to my take on the June Luxe Box!

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Check out the Women Only Hunt!

Hey guys! I recently did the Women Only Hunt, and found lots of cute items as I went to the different stores. What I liked about the hunt was that all (or most anyway) of the stores’ locations were on a numbered hud, and when you clicked a number, it took you to the location, and provided you the hint for the store. Some stores were not on the hud, so I had to look them up via SL search. And there were stores on the hud that did not have a vendor picture on the website, so from those, I got the items where I was already familiar with their work.


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Jump for Pink Things

Now, if anyone knows me, they will know that i am not a big fan of pink things. On some days, you will hear me say, “I hate pink!” But I decided to make an exception for this cute pajama set that I picked up from Blacklace  – it was still out for  Lazy Sunday. – only 75L! ^^


Blacklace - Second Life

Yes, this is Bunny’s room. Before going to bed I made myself comfy on her bed for a bit and ate popcorn and read some of her magazines. I don’t know why I have that old remote in the bowl – she took our tv to one of her other residences a while back. Gee – if only I watched tv more in SL, I would get me a big screen. What are some good TVs nowadays? I know Icarus is a popular brand…

Shortly after taking this photo, I accidentally knocked over the bowl of popcorn. I would take a picture of that too, but I’m trying not to leave evidence that I spilled the popcorn.  Hmm. But I just admitted in here to you guys. But it’s not like Bunny reads my blog all THAT much so… 😀

By the way, both of these pics are pretty much raw shots…all I did was crop. Too tired….let me go up to my room before I pass out on Bunny’s bed. *yawns* nini guys…

Styling Credits

Skin: -Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica
Hair: + Lamb. Wake Up – Ombre (from September’s Arcade)
Outfit: ~Blacklace~ Shara: Camisole & PJ Bottom
Glasses: * S O R G O – AKIRA / Leak
Popcorn:  [Commoner] Binge Watcher’s Survival Kit / Bowl of Popcorn (from September’s Arcade)
Bed: Stockholm&Lima: Princess Suite Bed [A]
Location: Mi casa (no you may not have the lm to it 😛 )