A Typical Day at the Gym – SML Training

Hey! I realized in my last post that I did not show the exercises that the [SML] Training HUD gave me to do. So I decided to do this today, with last Thursday’s workout.

Jacket + Shirt : Ricielli – Gabriela Jacket (M.Lara) Spring Breeze
Leggings: Blueberry – Cake
Glasses: LEN$[– 68 – Iridescent1\Gold
Hair:  Lamb. Heart
Pose: FOXCITY Breathe

Today for the daily prizes, they have something to increase your strength (temporarily) by 8 points, and something to add 10 minutes to your overall time before you get too fatigued to work out. On the lucky boards they have various supplements for strength and stamina.


According to the HUD, today I will be doing WorkBack, LeftBack, RightBack, DumbCurl, and Squat.

[04:17] [SML] SeatedRow_ver1.0: [SML] Training Strength Info
[Weight2: +5, Weight3: +25, Weight4: +55, Weight5: +90, Weight6: +130 Strength]
WorkBack : require 1 Strength
WorkWide : require 5 Strength
WorkLeft : require 29 Strength
WorkRight : require 29 Strength
WorkBicep : require 13 Strength

Since WorkBack is one of the easiest exercises SML has, I needed to add additional weight. Weight2 requires an additional +5 strength to do, which allowed me to progress.

[04:18] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished “WorkBack” Daily Workout.

The good thing with the next 3 exercises were that they were all at the same place (LeftBack, RightBack, DumbCurl)

[04:19] [SML] DumbbellRack_ver1.1: [SML] Training Strength Info
[Weight2: +5, Weight3: +25, Weight4: +45, Weight5: +65, Weight6: +90, Weight7: +115, Weight8: +140, Weight9: +170, Weight10: +200, Weight11: +230, Weight12: +265 Strength]
DumbCurl : require 1 Strength
BicepCurl : require 2 Strength
C_CurlLeft : require 8 Strength
C_CurlRight : require 8 Strength
HamCurlRight : require 10 Strength
HamCurlLeft : require 10 Strength
LeftTricep : require 13 Strength
RightTricep : require 13 Strength
KickBack : require 17 Strength
TrapWorkout : require 15 Strength
LateralRaise : require 21 Strength
FrontRaise : require 24 Strength
ShoulderPress : require 14 Strength
ReverseFly : require 27 Strength
DumbRow : require 14 Strength
RightBack : require 19 Strength
LeftBack : require 19 Strength
SideBendLeft : require 18 Strength
SideBendRight : require 18 Strength
CalfRaises : require 25 Strength

[04:24] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished “LeftBack” Daily Workout.

Of course, these are just abbreviations of the left and right triceps kickbacks.


[04:26] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished “RightBack” Daily Workout.
[04:26] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Not Enough Stamina.

It looks like I finished that exercise just in time!

[04:29] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished “DumbCurl” Daily Workout.

So now I go to do my last workout of the day, the Squat. I noticed that my stamina was not going down, which meant that my weight was too light. However, when I tried to go to the next weight level…

[04:31] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): You have not Enough Strenght. “Squat_W1” require 30 Strength.

Now, how do I finish my workout? Some machines allow you to get help from someone to “spot” you as you train under a higher weight.

※ Helper will be reduce requirement strength[1/4 Strength of Helper

But this machine doesn’t allow you to do that. So the only thing I can do is to temporarily raise my strength in order to finish the workout.

I clicked on the grey tub of protein in the gym.
[SML] ISOPURE Protein(Price: 200)
Increase +8 Strength in 10 min

[04:35] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Use Item: “[SML] ISOPURE Protein”

Okay, so that gives me a strength of 29 for 10 minutes. But I need a strength of 30.

I then did the ” KneeUp” exercise on another machine, which requires 28 Strength. That way it would speed up my strength progress to get me to the 30 strength that I needed to complete the workout. (Yes I know I don’t quite reach the bars…didn’t feel like adjusting lol).

Now, can I do my workout? Success!

[04:51] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished “Squat” Daily Workout.
[04:51] [SML] Training HUD (ver1.8.3): Finished All Daily Workout.

I still had some extra strength left, so I continued to do the squats until my boost ended.

Between having to work to boost my strength, and document what I do for a workout, this took a lot longer than normal. For instance, the other day I was able to finish my core workout in 9 minutes.

===Today’s Update===

With today’s workout, I went up a new level – Amateur! Well, at least it’s not beginner 😀

Hair: DOUX – Mineko Hairstyle
Headphones: eXxEsS : Cat Ears Headphones

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