Win up to 5000 Lindens for this Halloween!

Due to RL technical difficulties,the entry deadline date has been extended to SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 at 8 am SLT.
Please complete and deliver your entries to redtess69 resident for the TFL Sexiest Halloween ever Contest!

Hey guys! if you haven’t already heard, The Fashion Loft is having a fun contest for this Halloween. Who can dress the sexiest – put your styling skills to the test and you may win big!


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Indian Summer Fun

Hey guys! If you are looking for a nice hunt where you can stock up on boho chic items, then the Ghee Indian Summer hunt is the place to be. You have up until September 2nd to collect all 39 spice jars placed around the main store and the park. The color scheme for the items goes well with the Indian Summer theme – taupe, chili, and ivory.

Top: Ghee Ivory Indian Summer Blouse
Pants: Ghee Ivory Indian Summer Harems
Shoes: Ghee Indian Summer Sandals IVORY
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Sari hair [F] – Browns (@ C88 August round)
Choker: Chop ZueyThe Ashby-de-la-Zouch Cameo Choker
Skin: -Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica
alaskametro<3 “Sheer Gloss” lipgloss – Blush
MONS / Makeups – Eyeshadow Hippie (green)
Pose: an lar poses
Location: The Cyprian Garden

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Bloggers’ Office Hours Today: 1 – 5 PM SLT

***Update – 6/27: If you would like to be informed of when we have another session, just go to the location in this post and hit the bloggers’ office hours subscriber. It will help me get a better idea as to how many people are interested in something like this. Our first session went well, people came in one at a time, and I had very nice conversations with each person.

Hey guys! Ever since the meetup that I hosted back in October took place, it was always my intention to continue gathering with other bloggers to talk about issues that we may experience. Unfortunately, lots of things happened after that meeting, and eventually my attention got pulled in other directions. After speaking with a few people this weekend, I came up with a new format on how to go about doing these meetings.

bloggers' office hours - second life

We are all very busy people, and perhaps a formal 2 out of 24 hours gathering is a lot to commit to. However, if we were to extend the hours and keep the topic(s) of discussion flexible…people can drop in and out as they need to.

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The Allure of Female Dominance

The other day I was asked by a guy whether I was a dominant woman, because I “looked” like one.  I told a friend, and after taking note of what I was wearing said, “It’s a lace top and a mini[skirt]”.

So that got me thinking – how do we perceive someone to be “dominant”?

FFL-pics-2_009remix111web(click here to view on Flickr)

This is a photo that I took in on of the skyboxes over at the Manor Suites. They have a nice dungeon scene, and I decided to sit in this lovely chair and treat myself to a few puffs on a pipe as I pondered on my question.

Is it their confidence? How they look? Words that they use? How their words affect others? Their physical stance and attributes?

Some people may say that how I am dressed in my photo would definitely make me look like I am dominant. Dressed in black, laced thigh high boots, hair pulled up and out of my face, and the look on my face could give off those signs. Others may see what I am wearing as an invitation to exert control over me because I am a woman that is showing skin, or simply because they perceive me to be a challenge.

On the other hand, if I were perceived as being submissive, could that give me an advantage? If you know how someone will act because of their assumptions, could you not manipulate the situation to be in your favor? If that is the case, could someone who represents him or herself to be submissive actually be dominant in certain situations?
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Heartbreak and reconnaissance

I have to be out by noon tomorrow
Said my tall, dark, and handsome lover.
I should had known heartbreak would be soon to follow
When I found those lace panties under the bed cover
I cried because my heart was full of sorrow
My psyche in shambles, my insides hollow.
Blacklace Lingerie

Went to my loft and had a look at his file
Found out that his indiscretion had been for weeks
With his profile picture wearing nothing but a smile
What did he see in them – they were nothing but freaks and geeks?
I opened my window and threw out his laptop computer
Smoking my cigarette, it looks like it’s time for a new suitor.

But there is no way that I’m leaving without a fight
Will go to the house and pick up all of my things
Might even practice a few of my bat swings.
But after I’m done, the place will be worse than a bomb site.

Styling Credits
Skin: Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica 02
Hair: .: fiore :. SIMONA Hair
Lingerie: Blacklace – Lavine Black (Omega applier for Maitreya Lara) (at the Vintage and Cool Fair)
Shoes: {Livalle} Marissa -High Platform Heels- Noir (at the Festival of Sin II)
Rings: RealEvil Industries Raven Rings SLC
Cigarette & Ashtray: .:Hermony:. / Ultimate Cigarette
Chocolate (in mouth): Mingle Chocolate
Chocolate Box: HND Designs – Box of Chocolates
Ripped Photos & Lighter: Plethora (The Breakup set) (at the Festival of Sin II)
Bed w/ laptops: Aria

Party at the Cyprian Terrace

As some of you may know, I’m a rental manager over at the Manor Suites. It’s on the same sim as the Cyprian Garden – a beautiful place with lots to explore (adults only!). The owner has worked hard all summer long to update and renovate the place, and tonight was time to celebrate and enjoy.

The Cyprian Terrace can be found within the garden – it’s an area with a big dance floor where you can look at the water that’s on two sides. The DJ who who was playing the awesome 80’s tunes was Potvin Tigerpaw, aka DJ 4Play. I didn’t know that he used to publish a couple of magazines that I used to read (said so on his profile anyways).

There was a raffle for 2000L, and the winner was…

[19:00] Raffle Board D (MAIN) 2.1: Congratulations to Luka Fairey for winning the contest: ‘Our Raffle’. They have won ‘L$2000’.

 I felt like Lucille deserved it. The music was 80’s themed, and she really did look like she was from the 80’s, green skirt and all.

I used to go out in SL all of the time, and nowadays when I go out it seems like a big deal. Like the other day I attended the launch party for L’amour Diversity magazine, and I went out and bought a dress for it.



This is a raw shot – no editing except to resize…you see our kitchen in the background there. I guess my cats are all sleeping or else you would had seen them over there on the rug.

Okay – enough rambling for tonight. I just wanted to share with you guys some of my happiness. Let me know in comments if you want to come out next month for another party at the terrace!

Dinner party for 3

After receiving the first food delivery from BluPrintz for the Multicultural Menu event, I realized that I would need some…assistance in trying all of these foods. Hey – I’m both a model and a shopaholic. It would be financially devastating to me to gain 20 pounds in a week. But what a way to go, right?

My next food delivery was from Soul Mates. I actually had gotten two deliveries, but the first one seemed to have disappeared? It was right after I got back from my forced departure from Second Life, so anything could had happened to that package.


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

I made a few phone calls. Most people were not home, being it was Friday night and all. I know they would kick themselves after paying for a meal to get a voicemail saying, “Free gourmet meal at my place – want to come?” Wouldn’t you? You could use that money to buy another pair of shoes that you don’t need.

I managed to catch my two friends Isabelle and Kimi and got them to come over. Isabelle is an up-and coming machinima artist who specializes in… mature work, and Kimi is a woman of many talents. Right now she is working on a book on dating, and she promised that I would have first crack at editing it when she is finished. Both of them asked me, “What’s the dress code?”

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New Home Rental at The Manor Suites

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I work as a rental manager over at The Manor Suites. They offer sky homes, both apartment-type and house – type builds. Dorian Meredith, the owner of the Manor Suites, just installed a new modern build to the sky house section, and I am really excited about it.

New home at the Manor Suites - Second Life

I started off with the bedroom because at a night time windlight, you can really see the light the lamp illuminates. It can be in different colors, too. I believe this color is orange. The lamp is from ~BAZAR~ and the bed is from ARIA.

The Manor Suites - Seond Life

This is the outside of the house. This house is from the The Domineaux Effect.


The Manor Suites - Seond Life
Outside area – LISP and Cheeky Pea


The Manor Suites - Seond Life

Hot tubAbiss


The Manor Suites - Seond Life
Living room – ~BAZAR~

The Manor Suites - Seond Life
The Dreamer Creations (dining table)

There are a lot of possibilities with this house, especially because you can rez out what you want. Don’t like the dining room area? Take it out and add your own items ^^