All Eyes on Me

Ever felt really confident when walking into a place? It could be a party, club, or even the grocery store. You know you look good, and you see others turning to stare as you walk in. Some may even say that you look nice.

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The Fantasy Angels at Rock Your Rack 2018

On Sunday, October 7th, The Fantasy Angels did a charity show at the Rock Your Rack event. The Angels showcased some of their favorite music genres, which included pop, rock, and samba.

Rock Your Rack is the annual fundraiser started in October of 2012 by Jamee Sandalwood and the team at Models Giving Back. This event is endorsed as an official fundraiser with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. More information about Rock Your Rack can be found here.

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MISS VIRTUAL UNIVERSE 2019 – First Challenge Recap

On Friday. September 21, I attended the first show at Miss Virtual Universe – the First Challenge. Headed by Morgaine Guenièvre Muse (delypop.cresci), Miss Virtual Universe strives to create an unprecedented experience for everyone involved. According to the initial application post,

“This is not a new contest. This IS THE CONTEST. For the first time the characteristics and particularities of each individual candidate will be considered. We aim to create a unique, unprecedented show. A real show. For the creation of each show we are inspired by reality and we want to amaze you in everything. Another contest to rediscover the true values of a true Queen (particularity, uniqueness, styling skills, grandeur, royalty, class, elegance, grace).”

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Carilynn O’Hare Tribute Fashion Show

Last night I went to a special tribute show for Carilynn O’Hare. Although I had never had the pleasure of meeting her personally, I did know of her, and I saw her at SL fashion shows and events. Even though the show was held at 6 PM SLT, there were over 90 people on two sims in attendance – something that I had never seen for that time of night or on that day of the week. In a time where models have come under fire for everything from having disproportionate shapes to not having that much of an impact on today’s SL fashion, it was honestly a good day to be a Second Life model. There was not only so much talent on the stage and in the audience, but to see the impact that one person had on a group of people was truly inspiring.

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