MISS VIRTUAL UNIVERSE 2019 – First Challenge Recap

On Friday. September 21, I attended the first show at Miss Virtual Universe – the First Challenge. Headed by Morgaine Guenièvre Muse (delypop.cresci), Miss Virtual Universe strives to create an unprecedented experience for everyone involved. According to the initial application post,

“This is not a new contest. This IS THE CONTEST. For the first time the characteristics and particularities of each individual candidate will be considered. We aim to create a unique, unprecedented show. A real show. For the creation of each show we are inspired by reality and we want to amaze you in everything. Another contest to rediscover the true values of a true Queen (particularity, uniqueness, styling skills, grandeur, royalty, class, elegance, grace).”

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Carilynn O’Hare Tribute Fashion Show

Last night I went to a special tribute show for Carilynn O’Hare. Although I had never had the pleasure of meeting her personally, I did know of her, and I saw her at SL fashion shows and events. Even though the show was held at 6 PM SLT, there were over 90 people on two sims in attendance – something that I had never seen for that time of night or on that day of the week. In a time where models have come under fire for everything from having disproportionate shapes to not having that much of an impact on today’s SL fashion, it was honestly a good day to be a Second Life model. There was not only so much talent on the stage and in the audience, but to see the impact that one person had on a group of people was truly inspiring.

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