The Fantasy Angels at Rock Your Rack 2018

On Sunday, October 7th, The Fantasy Angels did a charity show at the Rock Your Rack event. The Angels showcased some of their favorite music genres, which included pop, rock, and samba.

Rock Your Rack is the annual fundraiser started in October of 2012 by Jamee Sandalwood and the team at Models Giving Back. This event is endorsed as an official fundraiser with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. More information about Rock Your Rack can be found here.

Jena Adder and DJ Esme Capelo were the co-hosts for the show. Before the show started, they thanked several people for their efforts.

Jena Adder

DJ Esme Capelo

“Thank you to Jamee Sandalwood for her tireless efforts to organize this event to raise money for breast cancer research. We encourage you to check out all of the great designs around the sim, as well as the other shows scheduled at Rock Your Rack.

Before we begin, I would like to acknowledge and thank Owner & CEO of The Fantasy Angels Company and the Virtual Diva Organization, Angels Kristan. Angy has generously donated some of her Virtual Diva designs and the free gift here today. These 100% original mesh creations can be purchased at the Virtual Diva store inworld and on Marketplace at…

Angels Kristan

A very special thank you to our Fantasy Angels and staff, who have all donated their time and talents today.

Feel free to donate at any time during the event. Donation boxes are conveniently placed here at this location and around the sim. TP your friends and family to help raise as much funds as possible for this important cause.

Now…sit back, relax and enjoy the show!”

Pre-Show Entertainment

“Before we begin our fashion show, we have a very special performance for you today. To get you in the dancing mood, Performer and Choreographer BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl and dancers Web Sass, Dear Misfit, Greenie Flanagan and BB Schmooz wear Virtual Diva Soliel (Crow) outfit and kick things off with a dance routine to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.


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Start of Show

“Here we go with our fashion meets music presentation. The Angels are very excited to transport you into their world of music, so let’s welcome our first group to the stage…

 LUA, LOLITA and SIENNA pay tribute to the Queen of Pop aka Madonna. Madonna first become popular in the 1980’s. Although she has been plagued with controversies throughout the years, she will forever be a strong influence on other artists and the general population due to her innovative music arrangements and lyrics.

One of Madonna’s iconic songs is Vogue, which was introduced to the mainstream audience in the 1980s but can be traced as far back as the 1920s in Harlem’s drag ballroom competitions.”


Lua and Lolita are up first in similar outfits as the backup dancers for the Pop Queen. Both in Sunday Lace Bodysuits in Black by Lybra and sexy thigh-high boots and long gloves to match.

 Lua Vendetta

Lolita Paragorn

But…they each have their own personality as you can see – Lua wears big black feathery Icon Angel Wings, while Lolita sports Iconic Doll Wings both by Blueberry. Each added jewelry and accessories that is just right for this Madonna Vogue tribute.

.And here she is ladies and gentlemen, Sienna inspired by Madonna’s sexy persona – platinum blonde Marilyn hair, barely-there Untouchable Bra by Mossu, leather Kendra Bodice by The Forge, and long black thigh-high boots and gloves to match her sexy dancers. Her Dariya Wings in Gold by Promagic make her stand out proving, even back in the day, that Madonna was simply one of a kind.

Sienna Bellios

 Let’s watch these gorgeous ladies in action as they Vogue!

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 FABULOUS! Thank you Lua, Lolita and Sienna.

Let’s take a trip to South Korea! That is right, ladies and gentlemen, GEOFFREY and VALERIA show off their love for K-Pop! This genre is best known for its catchy music compositions and dances, and has been popular in Korea for many years, even more so with the well-known song and dance Gangnam Style by Psy.

Geoffrey chose to lose the formal shirt and jacket, but kept the bowtie and cuffs for his sexy Gangnam styling (RAWR). He wears Pitch dress pants by LUXE Paris and Matts Shoes by BBN!

Geoffrey Firehawk

Equally sexy is Valeria who is wearing Virtual Diva’s Fever SwimSuit in Yellow by Angels Kristan and white Teresa Boots by Phedora, which mimics the stylings of the famous encounter between Psy and his friend in the yellow suit in the Gangnam video. This video by-the-way has received over 3-billion views to date and is one of the most watched videos in music history.

Valeria Endrizzi

They each wear dark shades (a symbol of Psy’s Gangnam Style personna), and Geometric Wings by OddFish.

 Let’s see what they’re are up to on the dance floor!!!

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Thank you Geoffrey and Valeria.

I think it’s time for a change of pace, don’t you? MISOINDITE and MEMOLE both pay homage to the Punk Rock scene. This genre of music began in the 1960’s. This term, however, was not coined until the 1970’s, as more and more Garage Bands begin to play songs that included less instruments and more political messages.

Miso and Memole both wear the skin tight Siren Dress in Black by Pixicat and Mesh Wings by LEO Music. Their punk personna is evident by their face piercings and punk hairdos. They both wear black thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings to raise the ‘sexy’ meter of their look…after all…they’re not ‘just girls’, they are Super Angels!


Misoindite Romano


Memole Giha

Are you ready to get louder? SAIAN joins the party to show you what Heavy Metal music is all about! Heavy Metal is comprised of Blues, Acid and Psychedelic Rock, and includes amplified distortion and extended guitar solos.


Rock has taken on many forms over the years and Saian shows us that heavy metal can also be provocative. He wears leather pants, chains, piercings and a messy but sexy hairdo to deliver his hard rock personna.

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Miso and Memole join Saian back on stage, we invite all head bangers and air guitarists to rock out with them to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”…. NEENER NEENER NEENER NEENER!

Thank you Miso, Memole and Saian.

Let’s keep this party going, shall we? Please welcome ROXAANE and MELINDA as they show you what Hip Hop is all about!

Hip Hop music was started in the 1970’s by inner city African Americans and is made up of stylized rhythmic beats and includes rap and sampling’s from many other music genres.

 Melinda shows off her hip hop style in this Bionic Outfit by Holly Mill and #43 Boots by MillionHeels, and added Livia Gloves & Claws in Black by RealEvil. What is hip hop without the big sounds, and Melinda pays homage to the 70s and 80s when it was common to see hip hop fans with their boombox on side.

Melinda Bayn

 Roxaane is dope in her Adley Top and Tania Shorts by ZK Store, Sneaker Heels by Opium and Susan Gloves by Masoom. Both are wearing Virtual Diva Sublime Wings in Silver and Crow respectively.

Roxaane Fyanucci

These ladies are dressed to impress at the club where it’s ‘ladies night’ and the feeling’s right…all night long!

Thank you Roxaane and Melinda.

Don’t you love some mystery? The Angels sure do. Welcome JAMEE as she pays homage to the iconic character Christine Daaé of The Phantom Of The Opera. This popular play debuted on Broadway in 1986 with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Jamee Sandalwood

Jamee is draped in decadence – gold, red and black, sexy and bold. She wears the Opera Romance Corset, Boots and Headpiece by Moon Amore with Wings in Gold by Black Haus and jewelry to match.

 As the music reached a crescendo and fills the room, the beautiful yet haunting voice of Christine echoes throughout the halls of the theatre and she sings for her life, under the spell of The Phantom – the Opera Ghost. Is this Christine or Jamee? It’s hard to tell now.

Sing Jamee! Sing!!!

Thank you Jamee.

Let’s go way back in time with CAESAR who enters the stage wearing a sexy outfit inspired by the classical sounds of the violinist. Classical Music first began in the Western Culture (Europe) and honors both religious and secular songs that were composed during the years of 1750-1820.

Caesar Langer

Caesar delivers a white classical look in Marc Formal Pants by Ascend, Tuxed Shirt Sleeves by Gabriel and Dress Shoes by Lapointe & Bastchild. He accessorized with a top hat and stole.

He makes a statement and shows just how important and historic classical music is to the world with his big Mesh “Love Music” Sign Wings by Fantasy China, and showcases his musical talents with the Anais’s Violin by Bauhaus Movement, which he plays like a true musician.

Thank you Caesar.

If you are not tapping your feet yet, you will now as the Angels showcase Carnival in all its glory. Samba music has its roots in both Brazil and Africa. This genre as you know relates to both music and dance. But did you know that Samba dancing is also considered a ballroom dance? This could be interesting!

Our first two Angels, Anael and Eva, shimmies forward in their Samba costumes, Anael in Fantasy Tender Lingerie Top and Thong in Sky by Virtual Diva and the stunning Brazilian Skirt, Necklace, Wings, Headdress and Arm Flowers by Son!a. Eva is in Carnival Candy Leader Bra, Panties and Headdress by Decoy, Mesh Shyla Boots by Yeliz and Antique Peacock Necklace by TLG.



Eva Madenwald

Joining us now is Milla and Gloria in their Samba-inspired carnival costume. Milla is pretty in pink wearing Angelic Bra and Panties by Mossu and Wisdom Angel Wings, Belt, Heels and Headpiece by Astralia. She adds SwanLake Feather Tiara by MoonAmore and jewelry to match from Aisling.

Milla Crumb

 Gloria is on fire in her red hot Fantasy Tender Lingerie Top and Thong in Carmin by Virtual Diva, and El Dorado C2 Wings, Headpiece and Feathers by Bare Rose. She added Cali Shoes in Red by Essenz and bold, festive jewelry by Chop Zuey to match. Stunning!

Gloria Gabe

The ladies make way for Joys to join them to complete the Samba ensemble. Joys is also our final model for today. Joys wears Energy Chain Bra and Iconic Doll Panties by Blueberry. She adds Marissa Spectre of The Sun pants and accessories and completes her look with Greek Leather Heels by Zenith.

Joys Cuttita

What a spectacular parade of colors, beauty and style. Watch as our five gorgeous Angels celebrate in dance the rhythms of the Rio Carnival.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


 Beautiful! Thank you ladies…

Ladies and Gentlemen we have come to the end of our show, so let’s welcome back all of the other Angels as they join the group on stage for a final look at their musical presentations, beauty and style.

 Our cast of Angels are:
 Anael Starr, Caesar Langer, Eva Madenwald, Geoffrey Firehawk, Gloria Gabe, Jamee Sandalwood, Joys Cuttita, Lolita Paragorn, Lua Vendetta, Melinda Bayn, Memole Giha, Milla Crumb, Misoindite Romano, Saian Samuel, Sienna Bellios, Roxaane Fyanucci and Valeria Endrizzi

Let’s also welcome Monica Querrien to the stage who has been so instrumental in making sure that our ‘band’ of Angels are well looked after backstage.

Monica Querrien

 Some of our Angels will be around for a little bit longer to meet you all, so say hi, take pictures and get to know these beautiful and talented individuals.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen. This concludes the Fantasy Angels salute to some of our favorite music genres at the Rock Your Rack Event today.

 Let’s now have a big round of applause for the talented Fantasy Angels team behind the scenes: Virtual Diva Organization and TFA Owner/CEO Angels Kristan, TFA COO and Producer Jena Adder, Model Manager Monica Querrien, Script Writers Sarah Elisabeth and Jena Adder, Set Builder Beatriz Tierbal, Stylists Lolita Paragorn and Joys Cuttita.

A very special thank you to our dance choreographer BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl and dancers Web Sass, Dear Misfit, Greenie Flanagan and BB Schmooz for their fun and energetic performance.

A reminder that the Virtual Diva designs shown today are 100% original mesh creations by designer Angels Kristan, and can be purchased at the Virtual Diva inworld and Marketplace stores at…

 Applause once again for the creative forces and big hearts behind the Rock Your Rack event, Jamee Sandalwood and the Models Giving Back team.

Stick around to check out the other shows coming up after this, and don’t forget to donate at any time during the event. Donation boxes are conveniently placed here at this location and elsewhere around the sim.

 I’m your DJ and Voice Host Esme Capelo with Co-host Jena Adder, and as we wrap today’s show, we want to thank you all for coming out to watch The Fantasy Angels Show at Rock Your Rack in support of Breast Cancer Research.

We look forward to sharing the next Fantasy Angels extravaganza with you, so join the Fantasy Angels Facebook page at this link and stay tuned!

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