Locked up

bad-girl_004Zoe Schoolgirl by Carrie’s Lingerie

Hey guys! I was listening to a couple of Girlicious’ songs (yes I liked them very much lol), and I got inspired to combine the two videos together – bad schoolgirl that needed to be locked up. Carrie has a cute schoolgirl outfit that did the trick just nicely. A friend told me that  “It’s executive lingerie”. Hmm…do I look professional? Hehe…



I’m personally more of a heels girl than boots, so I chose to wear some from G Field. But I probably would have opted for boots if I was dancing all sorts of moves like the girls did in that video.


Is anyone going to let me out of here any time soon? No? Oh well…I guess I can get ready to go to sleep in that bed over there. It looks sort of clean…cleaner than these walls and floor that is.


Styling Credits

Skin: Al vulo– Ramona* peacock dark brow sunkissed
Hair: Magika – Wait
Lingerie: Carrie’s Lingerie – Zoe in Navy
Shoes: G Field – Eve Flower Pumps in Blue
Nails: Candy Nail – Snow Blue

Moolto hunt – September 2013

Wow – Moolto! I remember in 2011 I was trying to get Jania (my old boss at EDS) into this hunt because it was so popular. Nowadays, if I wasn’t in the moolto group where the hunts are announced, I wouldn’t know much about it at all. When I looked for photos that showed what the hunt items looked like, I couldn’t find any. This is not good, because when I don’t know what the items are like, I tend to just hunt at the stores that are already familiar to me.


So , I’ve decided to share with you guys some of what is out there this round. The skin that I’m wearing is from 7 Deadly Skins. It is definitely paler than what I am used to wearing, so I took photos using two different windlights just to cover my bases. The lingerie is called Debra from Angel’s Dessous. It has a garter, stockings, gloves, and panties. Don’t let the pictures fool you – the corset is sheer, so if I wasn’t wearing pasties, you could definitely see some nipple action.


The red lips are not part of the skin – I used some cherry gloss from MOCK Cosmetics. I wanted to do it without any added lipstick, but it would had looked off because everything is so pale. The pop of color makes it look a bit vintage, don’t you think?


This African print dress is Charltina’s hunt gift for this round of moolto.

If I get around to opening more gifts, I’ll share them with you guys.
Styling Credits

Skin: 7DS – Moolto Sister hunt September 2013
Belleza– Leila Arcade 15
(found at this round’s Arcade)

Lingerie: Angel’s Dessous – Debra in white (Moolto hunt)

[Charltina’s] African Series Mini: Celebrate Dress (moolto hunt)
Nails: Candy Nail #P019 Sweet Angel Blue

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ivette Mesh Hair – Wild honey
[e] Unfold Flower (older hair)

mock – Cherry Red Aqua gloss [lip 2]
cheLLe – (eyeliner) Eyeliner Basics (Full) (darn didn’t realize I had this on as well)
Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes

Shoes: *GField* Flower Pumps “Eve” -white-

(Donna Flora) IRINA ring
:: PurpleMoon :: Frozen Pearls Earring
:: PurpleMoon :: Frozen Pearls Necklace
Chop Zuey – Laughter & Resurrection Blu Ring
Artistry by E – The Mandy Choker, bracelet, & earring set
(special group gift present – may or may not be available at mainstore)

Poses: Corpus,Manifeste

Desert Princess


Wandering around in the desert



Styling Credits

Dress: Countdown.Candance Gold Gown (group gift)
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Skin: al vulo– Ramona* peacock dark brow sunkissed

Hair: Magika – Wait


Chop Zuey items –
Samhain Earrings
Tabula Rasa Necklace
Fire & Brimstone Ring
Flower HeadBand

[Armidi Gisaci] Snakeskin Bangle – 24 carat gold

Shoes: N-core “GroupGift” SENSE XtremeHeel (old gift)


[PF] <Latte> – Lip Lustre – Smoked Pink
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [Lemony]

Nails: Candy Nail #P065 Japanese Soul Gold

Poses: Corpus & Exposuer

Spring @ Meghindo’s


Spring Flower @ Neva River


Hey guys! I picked up Meg’s group gift from the notices the other day, and I really liked what she had for us this month. So I decided to go back to Neva River to take pictures. Normally I would include landmarks, but since this sim won’t be open to the public for much longer, I don’t see the point in crediting it.



Spring Flower is a blouse paired with high-waist shorts; a solid golden beige top and a patterned bottom. Doesn’t it look like a bodysuit? The bottom part reminded me of the Tabula Rasa jewelry from Chop Zuey, so I added the earrings and necklace to the outfit, along with some other pieces.



The Mystery of Owls ring is on sale now at Chop Zuey. All proceeds will go towards the Wold Wildlife Federation until May 31, 2013. I got the ring for free at the “Don’t Hurt Me!” event on Saturday, which served to raise awareness towards animal cruelty.


See you next time guys!

Styling Credits

Outfit: {Meghindo’s} ~ Spring Flower (group gift)
Skin: al vulo– Aisha* Candy dark brow sunkissed
Shoes: [Gos] Sophia Peeptoe – Gold Snake
Hair: Amacci – Seth ~ Onyx
Nails:  Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink

Lipstick: blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss. [mock] Bonjour Matte Lipstick [Turkish Rose]
Eyeshadow: [mock]Party all night/Indifference Cherry Blossom
Lashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Glitter 01

Jewelry – Chop Zuey
Stinging Nettle Men’s Bracelet
Tabula Rasa Earrings
Tabula Rasa Necklace
The Mystery of Owls Ring

Seven SL Facts About Me


I love nails!

You know, if you think about something enough, it has a tendency to manifest itself one way or another. For a while now, I have been thinking on how to express more thoughts on my blog instead of just putting up photos of my latest purchases and stylings.  Then Strawberry Singh came  up with a fun meme about sharing some facts about yourself in Second Life. So, let’s start with..

SL Fact # 1: I don’t like being bored in SL, so I will always find something to do. On the rare occasion that I don’t have anything to do, I get a lot of “Omg! YOU’RE bored?” and “No way!” comments.

On the flip side, I get irritated when people ask me whether or not I’m busy (it’s become a 4-lettered word for me), because I feel they equate that to me not having time to spend with them when I say I’m doing xyz. Depending on what I’m doing, I can easily put it aside and do something else. But if I feel like I’m being sized up based on the fact that I actually have something to do, I can get defensive. There was a time where I went from a fast-pace SL lifestyle to having nothing to do at all. The abrupt change took its toll when I didn’t have anything to do or planned, and no one would message me first because they all assumed I was busy. It was a very lonely time in SL for me 😦

SL Fact # 1.5: Especially because of that experience mentioned previously, I have no problems messaging my friends to see how they are and what they are up to in SL.

SL Fact #2:  I need a place to call my own in SL.  I tend to like beachfront properties ^^ I was three weeks old when I had my first residence at Noobia, and they are still around after taking a year off. The brief periods where I did not have (or felt like I had) a place to call my own made me unsettled and restless. I actually got a bit depressed at the end of last year before I decided to change my living situation. Never gave it a second thought after that 🙂


Relaxing outside with a glass of wine

SL Fact #3:  I love jewelry so much that I’m in 4 different groups inworld for it.

SL Fact #4 : I love driving vehicles – jet skis and cars are my favorites. Right now I am looking at the Felgo cars. But I need one that will hold passengers…it’s not fun to tell your friends, “Sorry – not enough room for you 😛 ” It wouldn’t be so bad if it could hold like 3-4 people + driver, but just one passenger? That’s just mean…

SL Fact #5 : I feel odd when I don’t have on nails or some sort of stiletto heels.

SL Fact #6 : I love prim food and drinks ^^ especially food that gives out items that you can eat. My favorite is my bottle of Fremont wine…for a long time I would sit out on the patio and relax with glasses of wine as I did other things (either in world or on the internet). I remember my old boss invited me for breakfast at her place, and it was fun talking and relaxing over a nice meal.


Adjusting my mirrors while hoping I don’t get blindsided by a wayward driver

SL Fact #7  : I have a tendency to go randomly afk, and I get in trouble at times with people who are sensitive to time gaps in conversation. I never got why people are so upset with this. Personally, I do not know what is on your side of the screen. So as long as we aren’t in a business meeting or something, I don’t sweat it if you get back to me when you come back. One of my friends has a great profile pick on this:

RL & AFK Happens

As much as I would love to be readily available to respond to your Im sometimes it may not be possible.  RL is crazy and unpredictable so I may not have the chance to set my busy/away status or even give you a brb.  So if I do not respond immediately please don’t take offense, I am not ignoring you.  Rl has just decided to interrupt and RL always comes first.  If this is unacceptable to you, you know where the remove button is on your friends list.

Did you make it this far? Yay! I added pictures so it wouldn’t seem too long…plus since I haven’t blogged in a bit I wanted to make it up to you guys 🙂 That’s it from me though…see you soon!

Styling Credits

Photo 1:

Top: DRIFT Morning Tank [MESH] -Dirty
Shorts: VITAMEN BaseBall Boxer 2011-Charcoal
Socks: Indyra Originals: i(heart)Unity over-the-knee gym socks: White
Hair: ::Exile:: Say What You Want:Dirty
Skin: Glam Affair – Amberly – Jamaica 06

Eyeshadow: [mock]Party all night/Indifference Khaki
Lipstick: [mock]Hypershine Lipcolor – Chestnut
Lashes: [MC] Cyborg Thick Set #2 Lashes Upper and Lower
Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink

Rug: Old Candy Nail group gift

Photo 2

Top: PARADISIS Sweater dress : complete cream
Leggings: coldLogic leggings – chea.taupe

Photo 3

Hair + Shrug: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Ladymana Roots/Honey
Jacket: DIRAM -La veste
Top: MichaMi: Washed Out Tank in Gray
Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * Dirty
Skin: al vulo– Lyala* Mystic dark brow sunkissed
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] Fi Umo Sunglasses – Black Turtoise / Black Lens
Nails: [Bamboo] Nails – Natural French

[mock]Lip Tattoo- Cheetah

Ring: Donna Flora: ANEMONE ring
Necklace: FINESMITH Tyra necklace- Onix

A Walk in the Park

Relaxing in the park at MAYFAIR

Hey guys! I just finished shopping at the coldLogic sale (last day for 50% off the entire store!), and I decided to take a stroll on the MAYFAIR sim. I managed not to visit any clothing stores (for now anyway :P), but I do like to shop mainly when I come here.

After snowstorm Nemo  had me shoveling snow for over an hour yesterday (why did they have to name it after the cute fish in Finding Nemo, anyway?), it’s nice to be able to dress fashionably warm on Second Life…with NO SNOW!

The chea leggings & yapple shirt from coldLogic, along with the Stagioni boots from Maitreya makes me feel snuggly warm inside. I really like how coldLogic makes realistic textures, both the shirt and leggings makes me want to run my hands along the material. I guess that’s why the store has never been empty since the sale started ^^

As for jewelry, I just went with neutral tones that would complement my current outfit. Some people will just take a jewelry set and wear everything that’s there, which is okay. But for instance, if I would had done that with my Donna Flora ring, the result would had been a casual outfit with over-the-top jewelry. Don’t get me wrong…I love my statement jewelry….but that’s too much of a statement 🙂

Okay – that’s all from me for now…stay warm guys!


Styling Credits

Shirt: coldLogic shirt – yapple.cream
Leggings: coldLogic leggings – chea.taupe
Boots: Maitreya Stagioni Boots – Chestnut
Skin: al vulo– Lyala* Mystic blonde brow sunkissed
Hair: [e] Abbey – Brown 09
Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink

[mock]Crema LipColor-Golden Dawn
Mock  – Blush- Leather
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [gris]
Miamai – Catwalk Lashes-Glitter 01

(DF) GIORGIA ring platinum
Chop Zuey – Inner Evolution Necklace
Zuri’s Chantelle’s Heart Earrings V2

Pose: Corpus

Happy Birthday, Donna Flora!


Resting in a castle at Transylvania

Hey guys! Thanks to Veenya and Bea , I found out about the 50 L sale at Donna Flora to celebrate Squinternet Larnia’s real life birthday. The sale is on all things mesh, even the jewelry sets worn by some of the Miss Virtual World finalists ^^ Some of you may remember that I participated in a project last year supporting her when she was going through a lot in her real life. So it makes me happy to support her in this happy occasion.


I have on the Grimilde dress in black. When I saw it, I thought it looked elegant, yet powerful in that it makes a statement. I’m not sure if you realize it, but from time to time when I take photos I like to imagine that I’m someone with a lot of power, and what would I do and wear if I did.  The Bodza set and the Anemone ring were chosen to complement the look.

Best wishes, Squinternet! ^^

Styling Credits

Donna Flora:
Dress: Grimilde (black)
Jewelry: Bodza earrings, necklace; Anemone ring

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * HEAVEN*/black
Skin: al vulo– Lyala* Mystic dark brow sunkissed
Eyes: {dead apples} – sinistre –  rainy day
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots (black)
Nails: Candy Nail #B002 Etarnal *

Oceane’s – Cat Cherry lips
[mock] Double Winged Eyeliner (infinity version)
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow (eyeshadow)
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Glitter 01

Pose: Corpus

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home

Hey guys! So like I promised, I would talk more about my adventures of getting a new place. First of all, the land is 8128 square meters, with 465 prims. Don’t worry, the tier is a real bargain for me to compromise my prims 🙂 Now of course, the real challenge is how to make the place look great with such a limited amount of prims?

House. Well, I remembered that Novocaine Islay has great houses for a low price. I didn’t want the furnished homes because 1. It would eat most of my prims and 2. I wanted to have more control over my furniture selection.

Furniture. Thank goodness for mesh! I told my roommate we would need to get as much mesh stuff as possible so we can have a nice selection of furniture. To be honest, I was hard-pressed to find a good variety of furniture to select from. All of the places that were deemed to be “good” places a couple of years ago went obsolete when mesh started.  So, where did I go?

Trompe Loeil – This store rocks when it comes to mesh furniture, and I probably have the bulk of my furniture from here.  In the above photo the couch and kitchen is from there. I wouldn’t recommend resizing the kitchen unless you want a larger land impact 🙂 The couch has a land impact of 6, which was about half of what my roommate’s couch was before I replaced it.
          floorplan – I found out about this store from the With Love ❤ hunt, where I got the table with the chairs that you see in the picture. I was amazed that the table and each chair had only 1 land impact each. The chair I had from the ARIA  Salvador dining room set was like 7 prims alone. Granted that it’s a bit more fancier than the floorplan one, but this goes to show that mesh rocks. I also have a cute moon chair and shutter cabinets in my room from them.
        Apple Fall – I found out about this place at Fameshed – they had a nice skybox, but Apple Fall makes furniture as well. I bought a cute bed from there, but I had issues with the animations so I am still waiting to hear from the owner.

One of my pet peeves with furniture is that all furniture should be available with copy permissions. Now, I understand that people who buy their animations from a third party may have to pay more for copy animations, so in turn copy furniture will be more expensive.  However, not having a policy that you as the merchant will replace furniture that is no copy if LL asset servers go wonky is just plain greedy. If I don’t have a guarantee I can replace it, then I just won’t buy from them. Even in “first” life they have warranties.

See you soon guys!

Styling Credits

Pants: [SG*] Ripped heart – Deep black (Normal) (n/a)
Shirt: [PO] PO Est. Graphic T – black
Jacket: PARADISIS Yoko Jacket : Black
Boots:  Hucci Vail Midnight Boot – Midnight
Hair: [e] Over – Black 03
Skin: al vulo– leilani* april gold fish sunkissed
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] Fi Umo Sunglasses – Black Turtoise / Black Lens
Nails: Candy Nail #P000 Basic French Nails 12color change

Oceane‘s – Cat Deep Brown Lips 2
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow (eyeshadow)
blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss

EarthStones Ti’ana Necklace – Onyx
Chop Zuey – Fire & Brimstone Ring
Zaara : Anjami Chandelier earrings *gold*

Holiday Mandy at Carrie’s Lingerie


Holiday Mandy in Red by Carrie’s Lingerie

Hey guys! The weather is getting colder, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be sexy ^^ Carrie’s Lingerie is helping us stay sexy in the colder months by coming out with some special items for the 12 Days of Christmas. Holiday Mandy came out during the 4th day of Christmas, and is available in both red and green.


Holiday Mandy comes with stockings, a corset, gloves, panties, and a big Santa hat that will keep your head warm. It may give you hat hair, but just flip your hair and swing it a few times and no one will notice…winks

Okay! I know this lingerie will make anyone that wears it hot, but this is ridiculous…I’m going inside for some hot coco – until next time…stay sexy!

Styling Credits

Lingerie – Carrie‘s Holiday Mandy in Red
Skin: Al Vulo – leilani (sunkissed)
Boots: **GizzA** Red Leather Ankle Boots
Hair: Clawtooth: I Never – Coffee
Nails: Candy Nail #LB Snowman White

[mock]Glitter Pop eShadow [The hunted]
~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
Snowflake Blush by etana vella
[PF]  Pop Lipstick (Laser)

Poses: Manifeste

The Calico Diva

Calico dress by Meghindo’s

Hey guys! I had read Khitt‘s post on the Calico dress at Meghindo‘s, and I just had to get it! I have seen a lot of baroque fashion this season, and until now, I haven’t really been much of a fan.  But who wouldn’t feel like a diva in this dress ^^ The shoulder pads give the dress just the right amount of edge for a diva to look and feel great in it. Hmm…this could be my new lil’ black dress….maybe?

This is a partial mesh dress (yay!) that comes in several sizes. However, this dress does not come with alphas, so I had to wear a large so that my butt could fit into the dress 😀 My butt has gotten me in trouble before, and I have actually had to talk to designers about getting a different alpha to cover my derriere. Luckily this was not the case here.

Until next time!

Styling Credits

Dress: {Meghindo’s} ~ Calico ~ Dress
Skin: Al vulo– leilani
Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Vivienne” (Type A)(Citrine)
Shoes: N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Noir Intense”
Nails: Candy Nail #P000 Basic French Nails 12color change

~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [Olivine]
blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss
[PF] Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Burgundy)

Chop Zuey – Vagabond Men’s Ring
Zaara : Anjami Chandelier earrings*gold*

Poses: Di’s Opera