You Belong to the Night

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Places that I miss in Second Life

Hey guys! I have noticed that there is a lot of nostalgic feelings  about Second Life lately on social media. People are talking about scenic sims that they miss, stores that they miss shopping at, and the like. So I decided to go through some old landmarks and photos to see what I miss in Second Life.

This was a photo that was long overdue for me to blog 🙂

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The Fashion Loft is having a Winter Ball!

I have always wanted to attend an all- white attire party. There is something about when everyone has on the same color and in formal wear that makes you feel…majestic. Even though everyone may not know each other, we all have something in common. So it makes me happy to announce that The Fashion Loft is finally making my wish come true.

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Chop Zuey is raising money for Monkey’s House Dog Hospice to commemorate the Year of the Dog.

100% of It’s A Dog’s Life Charme’ Bracelets will be donated to the Monkey’s House Dog Hospice. There is a donation box as well at the mainstore where you can donate too. This is one of the many things that I like about Chop Zuey – every year they participate in an in-house fundraiser that is not based  on an event.

Some Info about Monkey’s House Dog Hospice:
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