The Journey begins

“Well, after a long period of time … it’s finally come to this day. The 8th of January 2022 is when my life changed”

This could have been the start of a long roleplay story but in reality it’s the beginning of my journey as a Mesh person. Many people have wondered how I got to this point in my SecondLife and asked me to document the journey.

“Hi, my name is Johan and I am now a Mesh person” would be the best first introduction when I met you on the 8th of January. Earlier that day I was pointed to the Belleza blog in which it mentioned that Jake, their male mesh body was on sale. Curious as I was teleported to the store and saw that it was nice looking and even came with a huge discount so my finger hovered over the buy button for about 1 second.

“Belleza Jake has been delivered to your inventory” the message showed on my screen, what have I started ….

Styling Credits

Shape:     Johan’s Shape 2017
*Birth* North Skin 2017
A&A Nicolas Hair
Suit:        xkessentialsuitwhite (Jake Belleza)
:x3x: Formal
  Sitting at the Docks (Photostudio)

In the upcoming blogs we will see how I find clothing all over Secondlife, maybe even find a mesh head that fits my shape. I wish to extend a big thanks to Monica Querrien for allowing me to document this through her blog.

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