My 2021 Easter Haul!

Hey guys! What sort of activities did you do for Easter? A number of stores have had sales and hunts to celebrate the holiday. I want to talk about which ones that I had a chance to participate.

  1. Addams

Addams had a Easter Egg Hunt as well as a social media giveaway over the weekend. Khitt told me about it. Of course, the sim was laggy when I went to look. I was puzzled as to why I could only find 5/10 of the eggs, until I realized there was another sim to search.

I don’t normally do giveaways, so I didn’t enter that.

The one thing I will say is that the main jacket color seemed like it was off. I confirmed it with a couple of other people as well. The downside of getting items for free is that in many people’s eyes, you look like an entitled person if you inquire about something that was given to you for free.

  • Note – I notice that the captions for the gallery are writing over the photos. And when I click on them, I can’t see the actual captions. I may have to look into that later. Every few years WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, etc. “improve” things. But I honestly don’t think the ones behind the decisions are regular users of their product.

  • Update (4/10): I managed to get back the old admin menu, and I fixed as much as I could ^^


  1. LeLUTKA/Legacy

Nina told me about this hunt. LeLUTKA and Legacy had eggs all around their stores, and when you click on one, you can win money. The downside is, once someone clicks the egg and gets the prize, then that’s it. No one else can get a prize. Since the eggs do not self-delete after the prize is received, you have something like this taking place…



I have to admit that I didn’t read the instructions closely. There were a lot of stores participating, not just those two stores. And as you can see in the photo, the board of participating brands was right there. However, there was SO MUCH LAG when I arrived, it was all I could do to not crash, click on some eggs, and take the photo. I wish I could had tried other stores to click on the eggs there. Then at least I could have had something more exciting to show you guys 😛


  1. Backbone

Yes, I found out about this myself 😀

BackBone Mega Mystery Egg

So, I purchased the PG version of the mystery egg for L$500 (adult was L$1000).

My 2021 Easter Haul!


.:YN:. Modern House Petro
BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign – Blue
BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign – Pink
BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign – Purple
BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign – Red
BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign – White
BackBone Bunny Plushie – Blue (happy)
BackBone Bunny Plushie – Pink (uWu)
BackBone Bunny Plushie – Purple (sleepy)
BackBone Bunny Plushie – White (uWu)
BackBone Chill Corner – Bean Bag – PG
BackBone Chill Corner – Buddy Bill
BackBone Chill Corner – Buddy Bob
BackBone Chill Corner – Rug (white & black)
BackBone Chill Corner – Side Table w/ Neon Plant
BackBone Chill Corner – Side Table w/ Plant
BackBone Chill Corner – Table Lamp

Environment Lighting: Satomi’s 2018 Bright Brights (modded)

The reason why I mentioned what light setting I used (I’m so used to calling them windlights…what the heck do I call them now with EEP??) was because I am still getting used to the new version of Firestorm. Tweaking my windlight settings is a new process, selecting windlights that are not already in the the viewer is a new process. I had to even use a new everyday windlight setting because my favorite one didn’t make the cut 😦 I mean, AnaLu studio 5 (and all the rest of the anlu studio windlights) were pretty old. Ah well… thank you Ana Lutetia 🙂

After looking at this ad, I realized that in the bean bag menu, they have a “Flat” and a “Puffed” sub-menu. The bean bag changes shapes…. 😮 Needless to say, this was a bargain for 500L.

Easter Events that I missed

  • MadPea

Hunt Prizes Have Been Set To Free!

I know I have done the MadPea hunt at least once before. But this yea I didn’t get a chance to do it. I know it can get pretty involved

Rapture wasn’t really an event per se. But I had planned on getting the store credit. I have noticed sometimes with stores that they give you a certain time period to use the credit. I see some of the reasons they do this.

  • It’s good for statistics (can measure various variables)
  • They don’t want people collecting credit (either to get a free item without paying, or to take the credit and then they are never seen again)
  • They want to see the monetary benefits right away (flux of income revenue immediately)

As a consumer, I like it when stores allow you to keep the credit indefinitely. It really comes in handy when you want an item, but you are short on Lindens. Gos and Zibska are two stores where I earn store credit with purchases, and I have been able to buy one more thing because of the extra money. I know some will say that it’s credit that was earned vs given, but in the end it achieves the same outcome.


It’s odd that Casper not only did not have an Easter hunt this year, that they didn’t even announce that they would not be having one.

Okay, this blog post is getting LONG. I will continue this post later, and post about offers that are still available.

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