About Moni’s World

Moni’s World is about Second Life through the eyes of Monica Querrien (me!). I do admit that I love fashion in SL, so most of my blog shows me styling and crediting different looks.  I may do some unofficial event coverage from time to time, depending on how much time I have and how much I enjoy the event. Sometimes I may even cover a club opening or share a place that I’ve recently explored.

Someone once told me that you shouldn’t just blog about any old thing, but have a specific theme to it. To give the person credit, we were talking about modeling, and I can see her point for having a fashion-only blog to really define your style genre. But for my purposes, this suits me quite nicely ^^ I can’t just post pictures and call it a day, and it’s hard for me to write articles all of the time without showing some sort of fashion.

About Monica Querrien


My rez date is December 26, 2009 (wow…just keep getting older and older). My favorite thing to do on SL is to shop – if I couldn’t do that in SL, I would probably leave.  I model in Second Life on occasion, but it’s hard for me to get involved in much because of my limited time. So I like to pick and choose what work I do.  I also like getting involved in smaller and start-up businesses in Second Life – there is something about helping people achieve their goals that is very fulfilling.

I am currently working as:

The Fashion Loft  CEO

– Blogger Manger for Virtual Diva
TFA Producer
– Rental Manager for the Manor Suites

– Social Media Manager for By Dorian
– Fashion & Small Business Consultant
 – SL Professional Model (see model resume)


For more about me, check out these blog posts – different meme posts reveal various info: