2018 Reflections

This will be my last post of the year – woohoo! Last year I did not do a reflection blog post, or even a rez day post 😦 If you would like to see what that would look like, you can check out this post here.

This is my 2018 collage of 1 photo a month 🙂

I will do my best to do a rez day post, because people have been very kind to me this year. And I would like to update you guys as to what I have been up to these days.

I believe 2019 will be a time for re-focusing and getting back to basics. This year has been a rough year for many reasons. So what I will do is to revisit some of the goals that I have set in the past, and check my progress, if any.

Jacket: Ghee Winter Essentials – Faux Fur Jacket – LARA
Thermals: Ghee Winter Thermals OMEGA APPLIER
Hair: #BESOM HAIR~ Bliss
Skin: Glam Affair – Rayna Jamaica
Makeup: alaskametro❤ “Noelle” makeup – Catwa applier
Backdrop: FOXCITY. K-POP Star 2. (4) Hush – White
Pose: Manifeste – 207

* Clean my inventory!

Omg don’t even get me started 😦 After Firestorm started “elements”, my inventory went from 88k to like 102k. So at the moment I have pretty much given up 😦 I would love to start a weekly cleaning schedule of some sort for next year.

* Do something out of the norm once a week. I would love to go to more live events, shows, explore sims, etc.

This year I joined the Drivers of SL group, where we go on all sorts of trips on the mainland. Other than that…mmm I think I will want to explore more in 2019. You can always check out my photo adventures here – I take pics with a quick blurb, and it’s very low maintenance compared to my blog.

* Grow my friendships and make a bigger effort to be social.

Sometimes I feel like I am doing this quite well, and sometimes I feel like I am living in a bubble. I consider myself an ambivert, but this year I felt like a lot of my introverted traits came out. We will see what happens as the year progresses.

* Explore romance in SL.

*shrugs* No comment at this time.

* Learn one new skill.

I want to learn a big skill next year…if it works out, you will know ^^

* Continue growing as a blogger.

Personally I feel like I have become stagnant as a blogger and in some ways regressed. I think this is because blogging comes from my creative mind and I have had a lot of challenges this year that has compromised my progress. I intend on fixing that next year. Then again, someone can read this and think I am being too hard on myself.

* Go on a shopping spree and not care about how much I spend 

One day!

* Be more active in modeling.

At the moment, I like doing fashion shows at The Fashion Loft and working backstage at The Fantasy Angels. For now, this is enough for me.

* Continue improving on my photography. 

My photography has gotten better since I wrote this goal, but like my blogging I feel my photos are kinda plateauing. I need to spend more time playing with some techniques in order for me to reach and maintain a new level.

* Believe in myself, my ideas, and my creativity.


* Work and create my own projects to work on

Since I became the sole owner of The Fashion Loft in the spring, I am working hard to do just that.

* Patronize more SL businesses.

Indeed! That should save businesses of service, actually.


~Blacklace~ Bella: Cat Sleep Mask: Covers Eyes
~Blacklace~ Bella: Lace Negligee: Maitreya
~Blacklace~ Bella: Lace Panties: Maitreya
Hair:  Astrology: Andrew Hair
Pose: Swedish Style – Model pose 006 (By Charlotte) (n/a)

And I would like to add this one, said best by a very good friend of mine.

 “Reclaim and retain control of your time and energy. It is important to respect people’s feelings, but not above your own.”

I felt this year I gave out way more time and energy than I received, and it left me feeling sluggish and even affected me physically. I realize that I cannot do that anymore if I want to achieve what I want to. And if people do not understand that, then we will have to part ways…I have already let go of a few people this year due to that.

I was listening to this song while making this blog post…I felt that the song went well with the Foxcity background  ^^

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