Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History

The quote “Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History ” can be found on one of Foxcity’s backdrops. Even though you tend to see the quote with “rarely” instead of “don’t”, I think “don’t” is pretty relevant.

Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Lacy: Bra & Panty
Shorts: UC_Margarita_jean_shorts
Jacket: UC_Enigma_bolero
Hair: Astrology: Andrew Hair (@ Hair Fair)
Pose: FOXCITY. Highlights VOL2 (modded with Animare)
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Tasty AF – Diner RARE

People who make history tend to make a change of some sort. It can be a positive change, or a negative one. But in order to make a change, that means you find something about the social norm, theory, or view that needs to be altered. When you go against the grain, people tend to look at that negatively, especially when it comes to women. Even in 2018, we still have a number of double standards in our world when it comes to men and women. We have to do more to get recognition. And if we make history, then we better do something significant so it can be seen and heard.

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