Dude, where’s my gym?

Blacklace & Tinroof came out with a new release called Sarafina. It’s a cute outfit that comes with a cardigan yoga pants, cami, and shorts. So, of course I had to go to the gym with my new outfit ^^

Outfit: Blacklace & Tinroof – Sarafina Cami/Yoga Pants/Cardigan
Sneakers: REIGN.- Arianna Sneakers (Maitreya-High) Tippies
Hair: itGirls – MIAMI Hairbase – Balayage 14 (Genus), ItGirls – Miami Hairb+Pony – Mesh (rigged)
I’m sad that I forgot the lipstick that I was wearing…it’s such a good nude/neutral tone too 😦

If you remember, I had blogged about SML training (here and here) back in April. I tried to revisit those locations, but sadly the Storybook Estates regions seem to be gone. I checked their FB and Flickr, and it seems like the last activity was late October/early November.  So, I had to find a new gym.

David Heather equipment @ Backdrop City

David Heather made a gacha set a while ago, and it seems like all of the gym equipment were rares. So I had fun doing a workout here. I didn’t expect anyone to join me while I was here, which was a good thing because I needed time to get the right light for these photos 😀 But where could I get a good workout, now that my favorite gym closed?

ALO Ladies Gym @ Parrot Isle

After looking at a few gyms, I decided to stay here to do my workout. in the SML Training gym circuit, there a lot of men only gyms. Working out here was a bit lonely though. At the old gym, there were more people coming around. Even though I didn’t speak to them, it made the experience more authentic.

Nice view 🙂

Let’s check on my progress…

As you can see, I have earned a lot more coins since the last time I blogged this, and have gained some strength. I am still at the amateur rank, mainly because I haven’t been working out too often. Even my trainer started working out in RL after COVID restrictions lifted in Japan. And when he was free, I was too busy to meet with him.

Will I work out more? Eh…I am not sure. Besides time restraints, I would love to have a gym where more people gathered. I did think about creating my own gym at one point, and wanted to introduce mind and wellness classes such as yoga at TFL this year. So we will see.

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