Visiting Flux sur Mer

A couple of days ago I went to visit Flux sur Mer, a beautiful sim that is supposed to be reminiscent of the south of France. Many people have visited since the sim opened in the beginning of June, for I have seen many photos of the place on Flickr and on blogs. I even saw some people I recognized while I was visiting myself. Ziki Questi has some more information about the sim – you can read about it here.

Flux sur Mer - ghee Portia outfit -  Second Life

The sim definitely has an old country feel to it, especially when you use the region lighting. While exploring, I found myself walking off the “path” to explore secluded areas of the sim.

As I walked around the sim, I found items I was able to take such as riding boots, baby’s breath, and a chair. At one point, I found a notecard that said:

Welcome to Flux Sur Mer!
We are so happy to have you here tonight.  Please TP to all the LM’s
below and collect the exclusive Flux Sur Mer souvenirs :)

There are five landmarks, so I guess I will have to go back and explore the rest of the sim to get what I missed.

ghee - Portia outfit - FAD Fashion event June 2015 - Second Life

Outfit: Ghee – Cacao Portia Skirt, Ghee – Sunflower Portia Blouse (@ FAD Fashion event)
Shoes: Ghee Portia Heels (@ FAD Fashion event)
Bag: Ghee – Portia leather bag (@ FAD Fashion event)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica (from FLF)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Neve II  – Browns
Umbrella: DRD Rainy umbrella
Rings: Izzie’s – Midi Rings (gold)

Cigarettes before dinner

I used to eat a decent amount of frozen meals at one time. I especially loved the chicken and the pasta meals. At one point I started to feel ill whenever I ate anything that had cheese in it, so I had to stop.

Free Bird - 1950's tv tray - the multicultural menu event - second life
Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Betsy
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Nymph
Outfit: Blacklace – Josie White lace top & Jean Shorts
Rings: Izzie‘s – Midi Rings  gold
Cigarette: [NikotiN] Cigarette_ Graffiti (v.4)

Frozen meals, or TV dinners as they once were called, have been around since the 1950’s. Since watching television had gotten to be the thing to do, especially around dinner time, the TV meal was created so that families could eat together and still watch their favorite TV show.

Free bird at the Multicultural Menu event has managed to capture a moment in time with their themed decor to showcase their TV dinners. When you play the gacha machine, you can play to win a Salisbury steak dinner, fried chicken dinner, and turkey & gravy dinner.


Mmm…which one is your favorite?

Saying Goodbye to L’Arc en Ciel

I had first heard of L’Arc en Ciel when someone showed me the following photo on Flickr:

LiArc en Ciel closing - Second Life

Wait…what? How did I miss out on something so significant, that many people seem to know a lot about? I read the comments on why the sim was closing and it made me feel sad and annoyed. Too many people take advantage of the fact that someone (or some people) allow people to visit their personal space. I can say from experience that many people do not read written instructions, but when they are told it’s in the rules, they generally apologize for not reading.So, I decided to make a trip over to L’Arc en Ciel before it ceased to exist.

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Every day I’m hustling

Hey guys! I’ve been busy as a bee lately, so let me tell you what I’ve been up to. I mentioned before about selling lamingtons to help raise money for the Arcade. What I didn’t say is that I have been selling other food as well.


Fetch at the Multicultural Menu event - Second Life
Hat: Ghee Summer Hat (old gift)
Hair: *Soonsiki! Bossy (Girls)
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica
Bikini + Sandals: ~Blacklace~ Charlie: Bronze  Sting Bikini Top
+ flip flops
(w/ Maitreya Lara mesh body)
Chair: What NextValencia deck chair
Hot dog stand + drink: Fetch @ the Multicultural Menu event

 I went to the beach and rented from Fetch this cool hot dog stand for the day. What do you like on your hot dogs? I like mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, and relish on mine. But I don’t get to eat it that way often because I rarely have all of those condiments at once at home – especially sauerkraut.

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The influence of Flickr on Second Life Blogging

As I stand here watching my friend cook her pasta from [Life2], I think about what I have to blog about next. Earlier today I followed at least 100 more people on Flickr, and faved a lot of photos that I liked. I do this every so often, but lately I feel that if I don’t do this, then it will have an adverse effect on promoting my blog. As anyone with a blog knows, being active on Flickr has become vital to getting desired blogger spots in Second Life stores and events. What does it mean to be active?

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Shiny hair – Naturals II
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica
Dress: DRIFT Sexy Lil Dress -Oriental Set w/HUD
Pose: Manifeste
Kitchen: LAQ Decor
Location: Giano Estates

Once, being active simply meant if you had a Flickr account. Lately, it means having at least 500 views and the number of faves to go along with them. A good ratio to aim for is to have at least 1 fave for every 10 views. As for 500 views, I personally feel like this is a lot to obtain for someone who is not used to hardcore promotion on Flickr, or doesn’t have many active Flickr users following them. Morgie has written a terrific guideline to help all of us who are struggling to get the push that we need to qualify for the latest requirement for SL bloggers.

Why do I say latest requirement? As I pointed out in Sophee’s post on the relevance of SL blogs with the emphasis on Flickr as of late, everyone is always looking for ways to promote their items or their events.

I think the emphasis on Flickr photos will favor those who tend to be better at photo composition and post-processing than those who are not. In addition, I think those who set aside time to place their photos in many groups and follow many active people (in the hopes that they will return the favor) will also be favored. For people who use Flickr to simply host their photos, it may be harder to get the views. This may cause stress to bloggers because they will ask themselves any of these questions:

1. If I don’t make artsy photos, does that make me a bad blogger?
2. If people don’t view/fave my photos, does that make me less of a blogger?
3. Am I only as good as my views or faves in the eyes of designers/event coordinators?
4. In order to be a good blogger, do I also have to be a good photographer?

Do you see how these questions (and their answers) focus on only one aspect of what goes into a blog?

What I think bloggers need to understand is this: Your blog is not only your personal space, but it’s also your personal brand. The people who are asking all of these requirements don’t necessarily care about your brand – it’s about what you can do for them to help get their message out there. You have to position yourself so when the next big trend to promoting for an event/store comes around, that it won’t be such a drastic change for you.

With regard with Flickr, every blogger should already be on Flickr, posting pics, following people, and have a list of favorite photos. I will even go as far as saying that your blog should have a link to your Flickr somehow. So now, with the latest trend focusing on Flickr, it is just a matter of building on what you have already started.

Still can’t meet those requirements?

What’s the worst thing that will happen if you don’t get accepted to a bloggers’ group? That you won’t be able to blog their items? Sure you can. It may mean that you will have to pay for it if you are styling an outfit, but most want to see how you use their products before applying to their group.

As bloggers, we will always look for ways to promote our blog. This may or may not be influenced by current trends in promotion. But always remember why you started blogging in the first place, and try not to let some people’s preferences for promotion dictate your entire blogging experience.