Luxe Box January 2017 Reveal

Hey guys – hope everyone is enjoying the new year! I have decided to do another Luxe Box reveal & review. The first one I did was in June, so things have changed a little since then. Now you can join the group on the 15th of the month for 3000L. This comes in handy because if you really want an item (or more) after you see what is in the subscription for the month, you can still get it.

Hair: Lamb – Widowspeak
Top & Skirt: Foxes
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Alchemilla

The total number of people in the group is currently 2369, which was a bit higher than the last time that I checked on the 14th. A number of people were confused as to how to retrieve their Luxe Box. The Luxe Box can be found in group notices:

The first outfit comes from Foxes – a sexy top and skirt combination. As you can see from the hud below, it has 10 different colors, and the top, skirt, and sides can be changed. The skirt is indeed short – in fact, I had to do some editing so you wouldn’t see everything I had to offer 😮 So just remember to wear undies or don’t do any dramatic posing or movement while wearing this skirt :p  I could definitely see myself picking up something like this if I wanted something fun to go out and party in.

I liked the Empire boots – as always, their unique shoe design does not disappoint. The cutouts on the side of the shoes can be better seen in their photo on Flickr. The only thing is that I have to wear my Maitreya feet with these shoes – the boots go up to the calf, which causes a slight clipping at the very top. I know many people nowadays are just sticking to the feet that go along with their bodies, but I very much like the Slink design for hands and feet.

The hud for this was unusually small. Even though I believe you can make it bigger, I was wondering had it been another configuration would they had been able to make it a bit bigger. I found that I really had to pay attention to where I was clicking to ensure I selected the right color. When you compare this hud to the other huds featured here, you will see what I mean.


Lamb came with its standard fatpack. I used the ombre colors for both Lamb and Moon because for some reason, the brunettes don’t really vibe with me that well.


I noticed that both Lamb and Moon have hairstyles that are close to the face. This makes it difficult for photos because you have to be aware of the hair distorting at certain angles. I probably would had gotten one hair or the other if I had purchased these hairs separately. I always wear the glitter version for Moon hairs – it keeps things interesting 🙂

Tres Blah‘s skirt pattern for the Smitten dress is everything 🙂 I had a hard  time trying to decide which pattern I would feature for the blog post. I wasn’t feeling the solid colors too much – felt like it had been done before. This isn’t something that I would normally get, but for certain stylings it would be killer.


I really liked Ison‘s front zipper skirt. As you can see, it goes quite lovely with the choker knit top from Stories&Co. I first thought that we were getting both the top and skirt that was featured on the Ison photo on the Luxe Box hud:


I think this is one of the reasons why several people in the Luxe Box chat had the reaction, “Why are there so many skirts this month?” As you can see, Flowey/Stories&Co, Tee*fy, Foxes, and Tres Blah are more indicative of what we would get in the box. Blueberry and Ison were a bit misleading in the emphasis being on the entire outfit.

I would totally buy both Ison and the Flowey items – you can dress them up or down, and I can easily see both as being staple items in someone’s seasonal wardrobe.


I decided to showcase the Flowey shirt in a light color, and pair it with the Blueberry denim skirt.  I like the laces feature on the skirt – that is different from what you would normally see. I’m still not sure whether I would had purchased this had it been a mainstore release. Blueberry’s hud has color options for the skirt, ties, and panties (may have been hard to see with the Flowey hud covering it…sorry!).

This skirt was fun to take photos for. This is the caged skirt by Tee*fy. With 15 colors, you can’t go wrong in finding something to go with your outfit, which I show here. The left photo is the longer skirt, and the photo to the right shows the shorter skirt. My butt looks quite nice in this skirt ^^ I can see myself buying a color or two in this skirt – sexy things up a bit here and there!

This is the Scarlet Creative Catskill Lodge house. It is 39 LI, has copy/mod permissions, and it can fit on a 2046 m land plot. When you go inside of the house, it has 2 rooms, but they do not connect with each other. You will have to go outside each time to get to the other side. There was an issue with people not being able to walk completely around the house, so the creator had to send another copy.

I would not buy this house unless I had a specific purpose for it. Two rooms that do not connect would not work for me as a residential home, so would have to be for something else.

This kinda irked me. In these photos, I am 5’5″ (left) and 6’5″ (right). In real life, I am 5’5″. Whenever I see door handles that are long like  that, they usually hit me between waist and chest level (depending on how long the handle is). Even at 5’5″ the handle for the door is pretty low, which means for my regular height in flats in SL, it seems weird. The doors do automatically open, so that’s not really an issue. But when you take photos next to the door, it just seems weird.

Also, there seemed to be some texture thrashing no matter what graphics level I had it at:

When the house was updated, the snow covered roof that was in the group notices was also packaged into the hud. So we have snow for winter! I had already put the snow on top of the roof by the time I did the gyazo, but you can still see how I did it. The instructions are in the package as well.

As a gift, we got these three couches from Scarlet Creative as well. Do you see the cool shine on the couch? So gorgeous!



And lastly, I am sitting on the Aria daybed from tarte with my cute Corgi puppies from MishMish!


The three puppies on the left side are all static. The one on the far right is the companion puppy that greets you when you wear it. And, the one I am holding is one that you can hold.

Overall, I think this was a decent box. Was it my absolute favorite? No. But for 1500L, you get a nice selection of items.

About what I spoke about last review regarding the backlash from making comments – for several months I actually kept group chat off because I didn’t want to see anyone arguing with other members over their opinion. This time I decided to keep chat open, and I was happy to see that despite some people still not wanting others to express their views, they were pretty much ignored. I guess this is the best way to handle people who try to put you down for expressing a different view or opinion.















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