A Summer’s Tale

In the summer, people’s minds are in a good place and their mood is at its best.

I met up with one of my oldest friends inworld and she showed me a small sample of her new eBook she’s been writing about virtual worlds and how they are quite like the real life.

With her permission, here’s a small exempt from one of the pages she has written so far

Each year it’s cheerful, a band start with many people but doesnt last too long. Me and a friend are partying when we can hear an acoustic guitar playing. We walk up to the door of this small house and there’s this guy playing. It’s a country song he wrote about a woman he met in his hometown. You can see in his eyes that he’s sad but the music tells us otherwise.

I know that feeling, when you get your heart broken you want everyone to feel like you do, but you also don’t want anyone to know. Music is something that people use as therapy, as they sing or write their feelings down on paper because music is something people love and can share with others through words or sound. That night I learned how music can help me forget my sorrows.

I sometimes think back to the days when Secondlife was thriving with events like SL19B but honestly I have forgotten how much effort it takes to prepare for an event.

Hopefully in July the weather outside will be a little better, this month has been a warm month that doesn’t make me go inworld too much. And that empty seat from last month … it didn’t get filled ……

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