Celebrating with Tiffany Designs

I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I was accepted to blog for Tiffany Designs! I joined the team in November, and I have been working on a post for this in December.

Gown & Accessories: Tiffany Designs – Ice Gown – Blue
Hair: DOUX – Airi Hairstyle
Shoes: N-Core – Jada
Poses: Posesion Gretel, Malicia
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom (Pastel Multi Chandelier)

In a time where both bloggers and designers are pressed for time, it can really feel like you are only as good as your last blog post. One of my friends was upset and wrote on her Facebook.

“…when you have to blog a certain amount per month, in order to stay in their group but, they release little to NO items that month… but you still get punished if you do not blog… And if you reblog something that you have already blogged, you still get told it’s not enough.

This confuses me.
I am all about supporting the designer, and purchasing things that are not made available to the bloggers but, if they have not released anything… what then?”

I appreciate Lucy’s generosity, and Loli’s gracefulness when it comes to how they handle releases. I’m picky about stores that I blog for because I want to blog for stores that embrace the old school way of managing bloggers. Even though my friend talked about Blogotex and their deadlines, it’s more of the expectation than anything.

Jumpsuit & Top: Tiffany Designs – Christmas Mesh Jumpsuit – Maitreya
Hair: Stealthic – Brink
Pose: Posesion – Seorn
Backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] 01 Hype-Beast Backdrop RARE

These next photos I took back in November, but never got a chance to post. Maybe I will post one of them later, because it’s too good not to be showcased ^^

Dress: ::TD:: Deka Mesh Dress MAITREYA
Jewelry: Chop Zuey – Goddess Behold Necklace, Kiss Me Sweet – Earrings, Lulu Cardoon Fascinator
Shoes: N-core LEXI Leo “Black” Maitreya
Hair: Rowne Salon.Sanna Hair.Large
Lipstick: RAMILLA. – Nudiest Lipstick Collection (GENUS)
Eyeshadow: VELOUR: Pleasure Eyeshadow [Genus] 
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Cave Pool
Poses: Bauhaus Movement – Chocolat/Anime 33, GingerFish Poses – Trouble

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