Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! I wanted to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas, and I hope that you are all well during this holiday season. I hurt my thumb on Christmas and since it’s been so cold the past week, I haven’t felt like doing much. So it’s been a push to get everything that I want to get done to close out the year.

:: PM :: Rouge Gown & Accessories (Group Gift)
Bauhaus Movement Mjel Christmas Headpiece
Tableau Vivant \\ Caprice – Browns

My rez day was on the 26th, and I did get to  have some fun. But I was too tired to do all the things that were planned, so I will see can I continue them on another date.

One thing that has been on my mind is that it seems like the relationship between consumers and content creators, and bloggers and creators is continuing to deteriorate. I have seen some crazy things on social media lately: bloggers claiming vendor photos as their own, designers taking screenshots of bloggers’ profiles on blogotex, people discouraging the formation of a community, and people just saying anything they want on social media and then get upset when there is backlash.

I really hope that in 2018, designers will learn (or re-learn) how to market mainstore releases so that they can get enough sales at “home” to not have to do so many events. I remember looking for Mardi Gras items and ice furniture on the marketplace (the two are not related lol), and couldn’t find anything decent (i.e. made recently). Why? Because those two things do not make good monthly event themes, but they would make for a cool new release. Designers are making more items, but not making more money because they make items for event themes where there is too much overlap. As consumers, we only need so many items at a time. If they were able to make anything they wanted, then maybe they wouldn’t view certain items as “disposable” and expect their consumers to continuously buy new items of the same type every month. There are a number of brands that have slipped in standards this year (whether it’s merchandise quality, customer service, or bad representation of the brand on social media), and I can tell it’s due to doing too many things at once.

I don’t have too much to say to consumers except that I know it has been overwhelming to keep up with all the latest releases. Perhaps in 2018, find some great fashion blogs to follow and support bloggers. And when designers make mainstore releases, shop and buy from them.

I also hope in 2018, bloggers realize that they are a brand in itself. If you need to to take a rest from blogging, do it on your own terms – don’t let rl tragedy, computers breaking down, or mental breakdowns dictate your vacation time. Understand that stores not picking you to blog is not invalidating you as a blogger. Set goals for your own blog and then crush them ^^ You will feel better about yourself, and it will show in your work.

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