Dance in Second Life Challenge


Hello everyone! I was out shopping with my friend and I got the idea to record us dancing in the store (courtesy of my friend’s dance HUD ^^). I was trying to think of how to do Berry’s dance challenge, and there it was.  We had just bought some pants from Vogue, and it put us in the mood to dance. By the way, we were also trying on skins off and on throughout the day so if anything seems mismatched skin tone wise, well now you know 😛

I am not sure about the dance animation that we were dancing to right at this moment, but I know my friend has a lot of My Animation dances. I was listening to a Spanish dance mix while dancing, so I guess something like this song here would go with it:





With this challenge though I was curious on making an actual dance video, so I used Fraps and Windows Live Movie maker to do it.


Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from?

In the reggaeton video, it’s one of the reggaeton dances from My Animation (maybe 30?), and the hip hop one is from Studio 4D…urban 247. I remember that dance because a club that I went to a long time ago had their dances in the dance ball, and I was trying to see which dance it was. I spent hours trying to narrow it down because after a while they all seemed the same lol.

Which is your favorite dance in Second Life?

For a long time it was the urban 247 one…now I am not sure which one.

What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life?

My animation, There In Spirit, Studio 4D…sometimes I’ll check out Humanoid, Henmations, A&M Mocap Animations. I don’t really own that many dance animations…but I like browsing just in case they have sales.

Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life?

I dance at home a lot, and sometimes I might break out randomly in a dance when I’m with friends hehe. I go to clubs sometimes but not nearly as much as I used to.

Are you a frequent dancer in the real world?

Mostly at home nowadays. I remember for talent shows I used to help choreograph dances and the like, but I’m really low key now.


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