From Bora Bora to Madagascar in Second Life

Well….I just realized that I never actually talked about my trip to Bora Bora last year. When I was updating an old friend via email, I was looking on my blog for the post that talked about the trip. Only to find…that there was no such post. I think what happened was that I ended up commenting on my photos on Facebook, and that served as a mini blog of events.

Outfit: ~Blacklace~ Becka: Mesh Bikini
Hair: Exile:: Jordan
Shades: MAJESTY – Stacked Shades [peach]
Poses: FOXCITY – Effortless
Location: Cann!bal

So, this is part of the email that I had sent to my friend. He reads my blog, so I hope he doesn’t mind ^^ It pretty much sums up my trip, and my feelings on it.

——-email message starts——

Oh – I didn’t tell you about Bora Bora? I guess I never blogged it like I wanted to.

I had posted this:

You may have to open the pic in a new tab to read my captions. That actually took place, and it was unscripted…me and khitt really had that convo lmao. It was our last day, so we were taking a final look around before we had to get on the plane to leave.

Bora Bora was magical. Besides the fact that I actually want to go there in RL someday, it was a surreal experience. Asha (the owner of these destination trips) is phenomenal when creating these destinations – the best i have ever seen in SL.

Even Khitt was impressed, and she’s not easily impressed. Neither am I, but she’s less so lol.

I am looking at the pics on FB and telling the story as I go lol.

So basically, khitt came over to my place to wait for the taxi (TP) to the airport. Then we had to get our scripts under a certain amount. We got teleported to a location, and then took a boat to the island.

We were shown our bungalows, and got our itineraries. They had Polyneasian dancing.

Then after taking a short break by partying on the beach with a few guests, we went parasailing:

I got a better vid of khitt than me, so I showed you that one.

Then we had a turtle race underwater. So as you can see, they had a lot of planned activities for us.

After that, we had a break, and then we went to dinner. Khitt and I took pics after dinner – loved how they came out, too.

I took some pics the next day before breakfast at my bungalow – loved how those photos came out, too.

We had breakfast, and the owner served us our food. Then we had yoga class ^^

Then after yoga, Khitt and I went sky surfing. We basically launched up on a platform, and then surfed down lmao. I did so much surfing and kite surfing, it was ridiculous lol. Then it was lunch time ^^

We did massages, and then went fishing, and had that for dinner. The evening was relatively quiet.

The next day, we had breakfast for the last time on the island, took all the pics, had the mini adventure that I had shown you before, and then we had to leave 😦

This song was playing in my head when we took off in the plane:

———-email message end———–


I think I had a rehearsal for a show on the last day of the trip, so it was good timing. It was just enough for a mental reset. There was a trip to Switzerland that I wanted to go to in December for my rez day, but that booked pretty fast. I wish I had a group of friends who liked to go on trips and such, But then again, I have not told/asked many people about it. So what do I expect? 😀

The only thing I will say about the Bora Bora trip was when we went to get our massage (yes, done by an actual person). We didn’t have appointments, so it was basically us waiting around until we were called. I actually had stepped away from the computer to rest a bit and take a break. And apparently I was being paged to get the massage (because I was the one who the two rooms were booked under). Khitt had to text my phone to tell me to come back; she said they were trying to reach me for 45 minutes. Yikes…lol. But the masseuse was VERY knowledgeable. She even recommended remedies for Khitt to try in RL for her knee.

So, I saw that had another destination trip that I REALLY wanted to go on. I was trying to get Khitt to go again, but ended up booking the trip on my own. So, from August 13-15, it’s vacation time ^^

I really enjoy these excursions. And it’s important to support Second Life creativity and services. Otherwise, these regions and businesses won’t stay around.

Here is more information about my upcoming trip.


(August 10th to August 25th 2021)
Destination “Full service”


– 1500L$ / night / person

Duration of this destination:
– 15 days.


This trip is for:
– Couples
– Singles
– Groups (4 ppl)

​For all ages.​


– This is a destination for those who love to explore, sail, relax….

We will have different activities for you to do based on what is done in Real Life in this destination, check below.


– All guests (from different bookings), depart all at same time @12pm with Rhia Airlines for a 15mn flight to the island of Madagascar.

– Arrival in Antananarivo
Take boat to the Resort in Miavana island.

– Arrival @1:00pm slt.​

– Time for you to enjoy your bungalow and the island before the start of the activities.​

1. Swim with sharks @Nosy Be.
2. Take a stroll @La Corniche.
3. Visit crocodile farm.
4. Whale watching @Ile Sainte Marie.
5. Paraglidding @Andanoka
6. Hiking @Tsingy National Park.
7. Caving @Ankarana National Park.
8. Madagascar Wildllife Tour.
9. Spot Lemurs @Andasibe-Montadia National Park.
10. Enjoy picnic @Lake Alaotra.

(Note: These are some of the activities you can do in RL Madagascar Island that I will create them, to allow you, our guests, to have these same experiences here in Second Life.​

– On checkout day, it is always at 11am slt, we take you back to airport and fly back.

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