Shadows, Photography, & Rude People

I finally got the energy to update Kirsten’s Viewer to see if I could enable shadows.  As most of you know, I mainly use Imprudence, which does not render shadows that well (at least when you go and take a photo – certain prims go black).  After following a tutorial on Berry’s blog, I was able to get the basics, and was really happy 🙂

However, I noticed that whenever I would zoom in, things got blurry. So after googling a bit, I came across this thread on the Kirsten forums. I had to slide all my values down, and then I got the resulting photo. I will see if I can update my graphics driver, because I do not like how pixelated my hair looks here.  However, I was told on plurk when people were talking about what the best graphics cards for shadows were that my card wasn’t very good for shadows. Eh….lol.

This one was taken on Imprudence, ultra setting. I like this Kendra hair from Exile because it looks messy, but I guess when your graphic settings aren’t right the stray strands can look messy.

Speaking about photos, at work the other day I encountered a nasty photographer, who after failing to grasp the concept of the photos we wanted him to take, went on a spree in saying how bad the store looked. Here are a few “gems”…

“I could give a shit less about what you think I can and can’t do. I have RL degrees in graphic design from an expensive art institute and I highly doubt you could have afforded my work anyways.” – after I told him insulting us wasn’t the way to win friends and gain influence (yeah I forgot the exact name of the book..hehe)

“I threw professional out the window a few minutes ago when I stopped caring about helping you out.” – after I commented on how professional he was by using profanity in the conversation

“Okay but I know I’m right about you sinking more into tier and upload fee’s than you profit, have fun being a fucking failure. I should send you a screenshot of my paypal and how much I cash out monthly from my work in this game, you’d shoot yourself.” – after I told him that certain designs that look nice at a bigger size lose their quality at a smaller size even when you use the correct aspect ratio and he called me an idiot.

He even said I didn’t have to hit enter every 6 words and said I was “raging”….*shakes her head*

This guy makes the person I had an issue with last week looks like a tame kitty cat…haha. All in a day’s work, I say.


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