On Top of the World

[Gos] has the Curvaceous boots in white on sale for only 50L as part of 50L Friday. These boots were all the rage when they first came out, and you can see why!

I like the details on the zipper, the buttons, the seams – oh my! And you can change the color of the buttons (which I found out after I took these photos lol). I needed a pair of  tall white boots, so these will do the trick.

Ooo…just realized that I didn’t adjust my boots that well – was such in a hurry to blog them ^^

First of all, these boots come with alpha layers that range from “Lowest” to “Everest”. That just means how much of the leg should be covered. This will come in handy when you adjust your shape to different heights. Then, after you have the right alpha layer, you make adjustments to stretch and/or scale your boots. For instance, on my model shape I used the “Highest” alpha layer, then stretched my boots wide. For my regular (shorter) shape, I used the “high” alpha layer, and tweaked the depth under the stretch menu.

Styling Credits

Nails:Candy Nail Resort Cocktail (group gift)
Skin: Al Vulo Sspring blossom bronze (TFG)
Shoes: Gos Curvaceous Boots in White
Earrings: [glow] studio Glass Set earrings (TDR)
Bodysuit: A&A Fashion Soul Dress/Shirt & Short Orange (TDR)
Hair: Exile Camille Roots Perimmon mix (TDR Blue)
Bracelets: Zaara Pallav clear bracelets


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