Free gifts at Midnight Madness

Update: Due to the crowds and demand, many stores have agreed to set their items to 0L for 24 hours, including Blueberry. Please join the inworld group for the latest details on your favorite stores.

For those people who like Midnight Mania boards, then this Midnight Madness event is for you! Created by the owner of Apple May Designs, Midnight Madness is definitely going to be the talk of Second Life today! I love mainstore-based events, so I am happy to share this with all of you.

Midnight Madness - Magika

There were issues with the boards not working, so the designers have made some adjustments in how they are issuing their gifts. I would suggest joining the inworld group for the latest information. Some groups that would normally have a fee to join are free today I believe, so definitely take advantage ^^

For creators who are still offline, you can find people waiting patiently for them to come on. For instance, I am currently at DRD with nearly 70 people on the sim.


Sakide – Set out as Group Gift (Must join -free- group for item)
[we’re CLOSED] – Set out as Group Gift (Must join -free- group for item)
Revival – Set out as Group Gift (Must join -free- group for item)
MINA – Set out as Group Gift (Must join -free- group for item)

Magika – Free for 24 hours
Essenz – Free for 12 hours
Apple May Designs – Free for 24 hours

Vinyl – 850 Limited Quantity (less than 360 remaining)
Fishy Strawberry – 2500 Limited Quantity (less than 1500 remaining)
Salt & Pepper –
1000 Limited Quantity (less than 125 remaining)

Just Because – Will be Limited Quantity (Once creator wakes up)
floorplan – No Decision Made (Creator Offline)
DRD – No Decision Made (Creator Offline)
Modulus – No Decision Made (Creator Offline)
Caboodle – No Decision Made (Creator Offline)

Blueberry – Maximum number of gifts has been reached (1000)


These numbers shown above will change as the day goes on – as a matter of fact, I had to edit my post right before publishing because both Salt & Pepper and Fishy Strawberry were sold out, and both creators graciously upped the limit so that more people can get the free items. So go as soon as you can!



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