MadPea – Buried (Part IV)

Welcome back to BURIED! I recommend that you read my other posts on the game before reading this part. The other posts have clues to where you need to go; this is more of a review of the experience.

This was the second game from MadPea Productions that I participated in, and after this, I feel like my honeymoon with MadPea games is over. What I mean by that is my initial thrill and excitement about participating in such has waned. Why? It may help if I compared it to the other game that I played – Blood Letters.



MadPea – Buried (Part III)

Welcome to Part III of BURIED! This is an interactive game produced by MadPea. I left off at Sn@tch because even though the clue seemed easy enough, for some reason I couldn’t find it right away. You may be able to see why once you go there. This will conclude the actual hunt coverage, but I wanted to make a separate post to talk about my view of this hunt.

This hunt took me about 8 hours to do over a 3 day period. The second day alone was about 5 hours.


buriedpt3_021Warning – spoilers ahead!


MadPea – Buried ( Part II)

Welcome back to my coverage of BURIED, an interactive game produced by MadPea. I last left off at activating my tablet to be able to visit each location. So now I will be showing the locations of each capsule. Someone gave me a hint card as to where to find items, so I will include that as well. It was not clear if someone actually made up hints, or was this part of the hunt but someone generously complied them all into one notecard. I know stop #6 definitely has a hint giver. The hunt is still pretty tricky even with the hints, so I don’t think it spoiled anything. If someone says “Don’t you want to hug the teddy bear?” and there are like 5 teddy bears scattered across a 16k sqm store, you will still have to hunt lol.

After each stop your tablet will give a new map as to where the next item is. Does it help? You will see for yourself, but I will save my comments for later.

buried_004Hair: Magika
Skin: Glam Affair
Outfit: coldLogic
Shoes: Reign
Necklace: Mandala
Glasses: Sorgo

Warning – spoilers ahead!


MadPea – Buried

Hello everyone! I am doing another hunt from MadPea Productions since the last one was really fun ^^ This hunt is called BURIED, where you look for a person that has gone missing. This is an introduction from the MadPea website:

BURIED is a mystery game that will take the player into the world of geocaching to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a writer, Lily Morano. With twists and turns a plenty this isn’t just a hunt it’s a full on adventure with the player at the centre of attention.

Lily’s husband, Joshua Morano is offering a $500 000US reward for the first one to find his loving wife. The race is on as people are pouring in to the island of Pierus that used to be a popular camping ground. Grab yourself a boat and explore the group of islands owned by Lily and Joshua to find clues about what might have happened to Lily. Once you find enough information you will start a grid-wide search that will drive you to the edge of frustration.

Are you ready to start, Player?

Once again I will be giving clues as to where you need to go in order to continue the hunt. And believe me, you WILL need them. Unless you are just good at hunting for small items with very little to go on. I will be writing up a review of the game after I conclude my coverage, because there is a lot that I have to say regarding critique.

In order to start actually playing the game, you have to get enough clues to activate your tablet. Then it will be able to show the locations via geocaching. What I did in this case was to show you the general locations of where you need to go in order to find clues. You still need to actually find the clues.

Warning – spoilers ahead!


Peace on Earth Hunt 7 ends soon!


Tomorrow is the last day for the Peace on Earth Hunt. This hunt has been going on for 7 years, and with over 100 stores participating, there will be something for everyone.

Sequoia Nightfire is the founder for the POE hunts, but the hunt this year is under different leadership. At first I thought it was a simple matter of not having the time to run the event due to real life, but the story behind the change made me say, “Wow…” I feel like this is truly a testament of a successful event – if something is good enough, there will be people who will step up and stand up for it when the time comes.

I felt the bloggers did excellent coverage on what can be found during the hunt. As someone who has a lot of unopened hunt items from years’ past, it helps to know what you are getting so you can organize your inventory. From skins to shoes, you can literally get a makeover if you are able to get even a fraction of the gifts offered on this hunt.