Celebrate the end of 2019 with The Fashion Loft!

Contact: TFL Management (thefashionloft)

The Fashion Loft Celebrates the End of 2019 With a Holiday Event

On December 7, The Fashion Loft will host its third annual Holiday Hunt in Second Life. The event was created to show our appreciation for the creators who have supported TFL this year, as well as a way to promote main store shopping.

Using a HUD, hunters will be able to teleport to participating stores, and find hunt items for 1 L. This year, due to popular demand, stores will also offer a sales item for 99 L for the duration of our event.

To kick things off, The Fashion Loft will host an Opening Day party at TFL Headquarters on Saturday, December 7 from 2 – 4 PM SLT.


About The Fashion Loft

The Fashion Loft prides itself on being a home for bloggers, content creators, fashionistas, models, and photographers. Since 2016, TFL has provided events, shows, contests, and other activities that brings the fashion community together.

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