Hot and humid days can be fun

Have you ever been outside when it’s hot and humid outside? It can be pretty down right disgusting – you can cut the humidity with a knife sometimes. And I have noticed for the past several years, places of business have cut down on the amount of air conditioning that they use. Even on mass transportation they have cut down, which to me is not a good idea when hundreds of people use it daily.


I decided to head down to Ghee because they have a new VIP gift out. Since it was nice (and humid) outside, I decided to take a picture near the fountain that is located near the store. Then, I felt some wetness on my arm. Don’t tell me it’s about to rain….and I don’t have an umbrella 😦
The rain did provide some relief to the heat, but I still wasn’t satisfied. Figuring that I would be wet anyway, I decided to stick arms and face into the water. Don’t worry about me – Bea and Warm assured me that the water is clean…I won’t drink from it just in case *winks*


Ghee has a few older group gifts at the store. Last time they had a group gift, I wore this lovely dress out to the beach. So you may want to stop by just in case you missed out on some of the gifts ^^


July style credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica 01 G
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Nymph
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Marnie
Outfit: Ghee Floral Embroidered Denim Sleeveless Shirt & Rolled
embroidered cuff Jeans
(group gift)

Shoes: Ghee Brown Thong Sandal (also in group gift)
Jewelry: EarthStones Knotty Beads
Pose: Corpus
Location: Outside Ghee mainstore

June style credits

Hair: *Soonsiki!Bossy (Girls)
Dress: Ghee VIP Summer Swirl Halter Maxi Dress (group gift)
Bracelets: Chop Zuey – Colour My World Bracelets
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Summer LadyBird – Blue
Sunglasses: Izzie‘s – Oversized Sunglasses (brown lenses)
Rings: Izzie‘s – Midi Rings gold
Pose: Manifeste
Location: Baja Norte


Saying Goodbye to L’Arc en Ciel

I had first heard of L’Arc en Ciel when someone showed me the following photo on Flickr:

LiArc en Ciel closing - Second Life

Wait…what? How did I miss out on something so significant, that many people seem to know a lot about? I read the comments on why the sim was closing and it made me feel sad and annoyed. Too many people take advantage of the fact that someone (or some people) allow people to visit their personal space. I can say from experience that many people do not read written instructions, but when they are told it’s in the rules, they generally apologize for not reading.So, I decided to make a trip over to L’Arc en Ciel before it ceased to exist.

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Every day I’m hustling

Hey guys! I’ve been busy as a bee lately, so let me tell you what I’ve been up to. I mentioned before about selling lamingtons to help raise money for the Arcade. What I didn’t say is that I have been selling other food as well.


Fetch at the Multicultural Menu event - Second Life
Hat: Ghee Summer Hat (old gift)
Hair: *Soonsiki! Bossy (Girls)
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica
Bikini + Sandals: ~Blacklace~ Charlie: Bronze  Sting Bikini Top
+ flip flops
(w/ Maitreya Lara mesh body)
Chair: What NextValencia deck chair
Hot dog stand + drink: Fetch @ the Multicultural Menu event

 I went to the beach and rented from Fetch this cool hot dog stand for the day. What do you like on your hot dogs? I like mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, and relish on mine. But I don’t get to eat it that way often because I rarely have all of those condiments at once at home – especially sauerkraut.

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Care for a Midnight Snack?

…and chat? I’ve been thinking about my eyes lately.  I rarely credit my eyes because I wear eyes from a store that closed a long time ago. Sometimes I’m glad because it means that no one  (or few people ) will have them, and then it annoys me because you would think after several years, I would be able to find an “updated” pair of eyes. You can check out my last post if you want to see my regular eyes.


Vanna - Blacklace Lingerie - Second Life
Hair: *Milk* Hair~Santana (50L sale at Soonsiki for re-brand to Besom)

Lingerie: Blacklace Vanna Bra set in Peach (Maitreya Lara mesh body +Omega appliers)
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes  – Industrial
Pose: Exposuer
Location: The Manor Suites

I did a post a while back when I was actively looking for eyes. I decided not to make a change. Recently I went looking and found IKON Promise Eyes. I spent a while looking in the store for not only the type of eyes, but the color of eyes. After some time I found that I really liked the Industrial and Nymph eyes. Here is a close up of them both:



Ikon – Promise eyes – Industrial

Ikon – Promise eyes – Nymph

 I think the blueness of the Nymph eyes matches my old eyes the closest, and the mixture of colors in Industrial gives it the darker look that the other eyes have (at least to me). But the latter makes my eyes look more green than blue (it looks to be a combination of blue, green, and a hint of brown), so I am not sure if I will keep these eyes.

What do you guys think? What are some of your favorite stores for eyes? Feel free to leave me a comment! ^^


Free Gifts this Weekend

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know of some goodies that I found around the grid this weekend in Second Life. I don’t know who can pass up a free gift – can you?

Bubbles released this lovely hair to group members this weekend – both subscriber and inworld group. I like the soft pink color – it’s not like neon pink that’s in your face. I got my necklace at We ❤ Roleplay for only 10L.


Clawtooth - Group gift May 2015 - Second Life

Hair: Clawtooth: Lush – Fruit Pop (May 2015 Group Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair –  Cleo – Jamaica
Lipstick: Pink Acid – Overly Done – Fake Lips – Syrup Jam
Necklace: Krystal – The Key – Necklace – Gold (Rose Ice)
Dress:  Valentina E – Chloe Striped Tee Dress (Turquoise)
Pose: Group gift from 21 Shoe (L$150 to join)


Zerkalo Group Gifts - Second Life

I found out about zerkalo both from this month’s Shiny Shabby and from this month’s issue of We Love to Decorate.  The store has 3 group gifts currently in their store. This will definitely help you furnish your place if you need that something extra.


Besom - Soonsiki - Group Gift - Second Life

I think everyone has head of the famous 50L sale at Soonsiki, soon to be Besom. But did you know there was a current group gift as well? I still have to get more hairs from the sale…


Pink Acid - groupt gift - lips - second life

I already have this one, but just in case you didn’t know, Pink acid has free lipstick at their store.

That’s all the things that I saw in my adventures on the grid, but I will let you know if I find more goodies ^^

PT BEARDMORE -Live at Key West

Hey guys! I decided to go out tonight to a live concert inworld. I saw that The Keys had a high traffic rating, so I decided to go and check things out.



There are many people gathered here to listen to PT Beardmore, or Beardy, sing. He will be singing from 9 – 10 pm SLT tonight.


PT Beardmore has spent the last 16 years playing music full time, 12 of those years touring with several bands as a multi instrumentalist. With a soft spot for mellow introspective songs he is using SL is an opportunity to sing songs that have shaped his musical career and to pay homage to those who have inspired him.


key 3

I decided to wear some of the things that I got today around the grid. The dress (from Cynful) and hair (from Soonsiki) are from the Wayward Hunt, which ends today. The shoes are from Reign, which participated in 50 L Friday today (these shoes are part of a fatpack, so go get them!). The lipstick is from Pink Acid, which is at Fi*Fridays.

You still have time to check him out, so come on down!

Love to Decorate – Country Cottage Open House

LTD Open House: Country Cottage

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I like going to open houses to get new ideas on how to decorate. This was the last open house that I went to, and today is the last day that you can go visit it. There was a photo ready, but I am having trouble saving files as of late. Any time I try to view a file in the Windows gallery, I run the risk of the message “File is empty” and I can’t view the file anymore.

You should go to the page in the link above and look at all of the beautiful photos of the property – it is amazing.

Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Soonsiki
Necklace: Chop Zuey
Sweater: COCO Designs
Jeans: COCO Designs
Boots: Pure Poison (thanks Kismet! ^^ )(flickr)
Purse: 1992
Shades: Izzie’s

What’s on Sale in Second Life?

Hey guys – in my other post I mentioned that Soonsiki was having a hair sale.



I’m not sure when it will end, so you better head over there!


Clawtooth is also having a hair sale that ends on the 25th – 50% off all hairstyles.


To celebrate Warm Clarity-Jupiter’s rez day and Beatrice Serendipity’s birthday, ghee’s VIP group is free to join through Sunday, November 16th. ghee VIP members receive an exclusive gift every month, advance information about sales and special offers, and other rewards. In addition, ghee currently has an Autumn Leaves hunt that ends on November 30th.




And last, but definitely not least, Luna Jubilee is celebrating her rez day by having a 30% off sale on her poses at !bang.

Sad November

“Nothing lasts forever… Not even sad November rain”
From November 1st – 22nd

Hey guys! The other day I went to the Sad November event and looked around. I remember reading on Facebook that someone was experiencing lag due to the rain. I did find the event to lag a bit at the landing point, but then again 15 people were standing nearby. It got better when I moved away from the group. I think the slight lag comes from trying to render all of the stores and the landscaping objects more so than the actual rain. But it is a valid concern, because I have been to events that used atmosphere and the particles lagged the heck out of my computer. For instance, at the Xiasumi School Festival, I experienced no lag until I got to I think the shrine area, and someone had left on steam from one of the items out on display. I couldn’t walk at all until I turned it off.

Umbrella: DRD – Rainy Umbrella  (Sad November event)
Hair: *Milk* Hair~Winx (80L sale @ Soonsiki!)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus
Makeup: [mock] Innocente Lipcolor- My Pink [lip 1]
M.O.C.K. Makeup Winged Liner in Key Lime Bonus (Eyeliner Only)
Jacket: R.icielli –  ADRIA Mesh Jacket / Black#Gold (SGOS Hunt gift)
Sweater: ghee – Fog Roundneck Sweater
Leggings:ghee – Fog Ribbed Knit Leggings
Boots: ::HH:: Hucci Aste Boots (from 21 Shoe event)
Necklace Maxi Gossamer – Gold Peace Pendant

I picked up this cool umbrella from DRD for only 60 L – and it’s color changeable via a HUD. I also played the LUXE gacha and won a few rings, including 1 rare:

luxe-ring_0011Nails: KOSH Gilded Fingernail polish for Slink hands
LUXE. – Dainty Ring-Mustache RARE

If anyone has any extra rings, feel free to send them my way – especially if they are gold! ^^

Happy shopping!