Recent Changes In Flickr and What It Means For Second Life Bloggers

Since the announcement was made on November 1st that there would be changes to Flickr’s Pro and Free account offerings ( Let’s be candid.), feelings of disbelief, anger, and concern have been expressed in the Second Life community. There is no secret that Flickr has been integral to promoting SL fashion & photography. I have even written a couple of blog posts in the past about the influence of Flickr on Second Life blogging, and my own struggle to get the coveted 99+ faves . After reading all of the chatter for the past several days, I decided to make my own comments on the situation.

Second Life Bloggers and changes to Flickr

Dress: {ViSion} //Lorene Shirt W/Corset – Maitreya
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Ari braid Add on – Browns
Hairbase + Sideburns: S.E PURE GOLD BROWN
Makeup: alaskametro<3 “New Wave” makeup – Catwa applier HUD
Jewelry: Chop ZueyEnfleurage Set
Pose: **Manifeste** – Model_698
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom (Pastel Multi Chandelier)

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The Journey to getting 99+ faves on Flickr

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you all two things. One, my progress on getting closer to 99+ faves on my Flickr photos. And two, a nifty little script that I found online that allows you to see who isn’t following you on Flickr, but that you are following.

monica querrien - my journey to 99+ faves on flickr


Part I. My Journey

I started my Flickr account in 2010 so that I could

1. host the ads that I created for the Hair Fair bandanas and
2. be with my Second Life peers (before I was using photobucket).

Back then people used Flickr pretty much the way it was intended – to showcase their photos. I didn’t really care about views or faves. But it was nice when I got a couple of faves, along with some comments.

In November 2013 (almost 2 years ago on the nose), I commented about my photo faves on Flickr. “I don’t think my photos are good enough to be a picture pleaser – I probably would have more faves on Flickr lol. Last time I checked 5 faves was the highest that I had. “

Later that month was when I started linking my photos to Flickr as an attempt to increase my views, because I think by then people were starting to pay attention to Flickr. Plus, I didn’t have to use up space on my blog by hosting the photo. Sometimes what I do is to have one main photo on Flickr, and then upload the other photos to WordPress.

I think this photo was the first one to get 30 faves without a meme or other blogger challenge supporting it. I like it because it’s a pure fashion piece with a plain background.

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