Do polka dots and stripes go together?

Pencil skirt. Patterned blouse. Black heels. Fancy hat. All of the items that I have named are good to have in your wardrobe. They make great staples for someone who wants to be stylish and classy. What if I told you that you can get all of these items for Ghee’s January VIP gift?

Do polka dots and stripes go together? Second Life

The first thing that comes to mind is that we have polka dots and pinstripes.  I can hear some of you say, “You’re not supposed to wear different patterns!”. Most of the time this is true, but since black dots on a white blouse is pretty neutral, we can get away with matching with a black pinstripe pencil skirt. This combination makes a bold statement, but doesn’t make you look crazy. The pillbox hat and winklepicker heels gives the outfit a vintage twist back to the 1960’s, which overall gives the outfit a unique look. The shoes are for the Slink High feet only.

You still have time to pick this up at Ghee – while you are there, make sure you check out the latest items ^^

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Fabulously Free no more

Update 11/06/15: I just saw yesterday that the FabFree inworld group as well as its blog will still be available. Check out this post from them to learn about the upcoming changes to the group.

I saw on Plurk yesterday that the inworld group Fabulously Free in SL was closing. Even though I had left the group some time ago, I still feel sad about it closing. Why, if I had already moved on from it, you ask?

When I first started Second Life, I was a shopping fiend…at all the freebie malls. I had started getting into joining groups, and one day I saw someone with a Fab Free group tag activated. I joined the group, and I found so many quality freebie items. Like, they just put the item in the group notices for everyone to get. The generosity of the designers blew me away. And for those who didn’t put items in the notices, there were landmarks to their shops to get their gifts. Fab Free introduced me to many stores in Second Life, when people had no problems going to the main store to shop.


I had taken this picture in July, and didn’t know how to incorporate it until now. Go figure…

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Look of the Day – 08.07

Hey guys! I want to do more look of the day posts so I can showcase my personal style more. I feel like I’m not doing enough of that lately.Someone that I work with is very good at interior decorating, and she said the sad thing about decorating is that after she takes it down, there is no record of it ever being created. I think it’s the same for fashion.

We get dressed every day, and by the time we take it all off before we settle in for the night, there’s no record of what we wore unless we get captured in a picture sometime that day. So I will try to capture more of my moments ^^

Skin: Glam Affair Alice – SummerParty – Jamaica 01
Hair: .LeLutka.Dakota
Outfit: Apple May Designs After Hours – Rose
Shoes: Pure Poison Gold Goddess Sandals 
Bracelets: Mandala KYARA-BANGLE/Serengeti
Pose Di’s Opera


21 Shoe Event – December Round

Hey everyone – welcome to a new round of 21 Shoe! All of these shoes are available for one day only, so head on down to get your favorite pair of shoes! This month there is a nice mix of heels and boots> Also there are shoes for not only Slink- compatible products, but for Belleza and The Mesh Project as well. N-Core has shoes that go with their latest mesh feet.

Eudora 3D will not be participating this month despite the notecard that was sent out in the 21 Shoe inworld group.

Happy shopping!



Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo|Slink flat and high| TMP ouch!| 329 L



Demo|Slink High|Belleza| 297 L


Demo|Slink flat feet| Slink Mid|(boots can be worn with no mesh feet) | 295 L

House of Rain

Demo|Slink High| 295 L


Demo|Slink High| 299 L


Demo| Slink High | 295 L


Demo|Slink High |299L



Demo| Slink High | 325 L



Demo| N-Core xtreme feet |395 L


Pure Poison

No demo |Slink mid| 199 L


Sax Shepherd Designs

Demo|Slink High|Transfer| 399L



Demo| Boots compatible with Belleza, Slink, and TMP|
|Shoes compatible for slink high and belleza| 375 L

Sales, Sales, Sales

Skin: -Glam Affair – Angelica V2 – Jamaica 03 (@ Kustom 9)
Dress: Bueno – Ella-Sweater Dress White (@ Kustom 9)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair – Royal
Shoes: {Livalle} Page -Low Platform Pumps- Cherry (@ My Attic – last day!)
Pose: Olive Juice (n/a)


Hey guys! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate it), and was able to take advantage of sales both inworld and in real life.

Speaking of sales, I want all of you to know about the 70% off sale at Pure Poison. It looks like Pure Poison is transitioning into making mainly shoes, but I knew them to be the store to go to for great accessories. If you look up in the outlet, there are a ton of 15L and 23L items that are of great quality. it’s like they are giving away the store – you can put together a whole outfit for under 100 L!

Some other places that still have sales are:

  • ghee – 50% off all black items – ends Sunday, November 30
    (Offer excludes fully colour change HUD items, ghee OUTLET items and fatpacks)
  • Livalle – 50% off selected shoes – ends Monday, December 1
  • Analog Dog Hair – 100L new and recent items – ends Monday, December 1
  • *BOOM* – 50% off everything – ends Sunday, November 30

For a list of more sales, check out Seraphim’s Black Friday page.

21 Shoe Event – November Round

Hey everyone – after a break and a revamp, 21 Shoe is back! There have been some changes to the event, but it’s still great shoes, 2 pair for the price of one!

The most noticeable change I think is the logo for the event. I have to say, I liked the old design better, both in color and structural design. However, I like the fact that you can at least tint the new sign from pink to blue or purple (from observing the vendors). I don’t think a goth shoe or a shoe designed for men would look good in a pink vendor o.O

Next, you can see that there are SO MANY SHOES this event! It’s exciting, right? It was a bit more effort going to every store to see what was on sale, but I think it was worth it.

The shoes are majority for Slink feet, although there are a few for Belleza and I think one for The Mesh Project. Also, there were a couple of shoes that didn’t require mesh body parts to wear. I didn’t see any stores that had built-in feet like Gos or N-Core (although I hear that N-Core has its own system now with the feet + shoes like Slink).

As always, this event is for ONE DAY only!. The website says that not all shoes are exclusive (meaning that they will be available after the 21st), but all of the shoes are new. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance of waiting.

Bring on the shoes!


Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo| Slink Mid| 299 L


Casa del Shai

Demo| 299L



Demo| Slink High| Belleza|280 L

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Love to Decorate – Country Cottage Open House

LTD Open House: Country Cottage

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I like going to open houses to get new ideas on how to decorate. This was the last open house that I went to, and today is the last day that you can go visit it. There was a photo ready, but I am having trouble saving files as of late. Any time I try to view a file in the Windows gallery, I run the risk of the message “File is empty” and I can’t view the file anymore.

You should go to the page in the link above and look at all of the beautiful photos of the property – it is amazing.

Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair
Hair: Soonsiki
Necklace: Chop Zuey
Sweater: COCO Designs
Jeans: COCO Designs
Boots: Pure Poison (thanks Kismet! ^^ )(flickr)
Purse: 1992
Shades: Izzie’s