Beach Season is Here!

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Urban Princess

Hey guys! I am here to show you some more goodies from 68 Main. This took me a while to put up because I was not sure about how well you can see the items. So what I did was to take a few photos, and used different camera angles and lighting to make sure everything was represented nicely, but still aesthetic to the eye.

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Havenhollow 2017

Hey guys! Over the weekend I got to visit Havenhollow, a sim where you can go trick – or – treating and explore.

The first time I went to Havenhollow was back in 2014. I liked both the candy and the spooky adventure. In 2015 I wanted to go, but I waited until Halloween, and the sim was too laggy for me to even walk. The Holiday Appreciation Association didn’t have it last year, so I made sure to go early this year ^^

When you arrive, you land in this area, and you receive the following message:
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