The Journey to getting 99+ faves on Flickr

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you all two things. One, my progress on getting closer to 99+ faves on my Flickr photos. And two, a nifty little script that I found online that allows you to see who isn’t following you on Flickr, but that you are following.

monica querrien - my journey to 99+ faves on flickr


Part I. My Journey

I started my Flickr account in 2010 so that I could

1. host the ads that I created for the Hair Fair bandanas and
2. be with my Second Life peers (before I was using photobucket).

Back then people used Flickr pretty much the way it was intended – to showcase their photos. I didn’t really care about views or faves. But it was nice when I got a couple of faves, along with some comments.

In November 2013 (almost 2 years ago on the nose), I commented about my photo faves on Flickr. “I don’t think my photos are good enough to be a picture pleaser – I probably would have more faves on Flickr lol. Last time I checked 5 faves was the highest that I had. “

Later that month was when I started linking my photos to Flickr as an attempt to increase my views, because I think by then people were starting to pay attention to Flickr. Plus, I didn’t have to use up space on my blog by hosting the photo. Sometimes what I do is to have one main photo on Flickr, and then upload the other photos to WordPress.

I think this photo was the first one to get 30 faves without a meme or other blogger challenge supporting it. I like it because it’s a pure fashion piece with a plain background.

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