10 SL Firsts Meme – Moni Style


Lionheart Pumbaa – Public Parking Garage

Hey guys! I haven’t been in the mood for blogging much lately 😦 I don’t have the focus needed to do it atm…hope I snap out of my funk soon. So I’ll make this one a meme AND a Look of the Day post ^^ Check credits for more info on the outfit!

1.    First SL Friend: This to me seems subjective. Is it literally the first person you friended in SL? Or is it the first real friend that you have had? I think I will answer it in the latter way: PaulieB Podless.

I remember when Lasher took me from a burlesque club (the first adult place I went to in SL after I found out I had to get verified) to an adult beach, Paulie was the first friend that I made. He became the DJ for the beach, and I would sit and listen to him talk at times about how he was going to make his own club. To me that was a big deal, because I had been to several clubs (Galaxy, Ambrosia) and I was thinking wow he wants to make a club…and I know him haha. I turned to him for his no-nonsense advice many times throughout the years.

The club part didn’t quite take off the way I thought it would, but he became a good DJ…most people who were into reggae at that time knew who he was. A Scottish guy playing reggae songs makes quite an impression! He left SL about 6 months ago, not sure why, but I hope he makes it back here someday.

2.    First SL Kiss: I’m pretty sure it was when I went out on a date with Mo Bing. He was one of the first guys I met in SL…I was at a club (think it was Ambrosia) and he messaged me. He took me different places, and never asked for more than a kiss. What happened to those guys, huh? Lol…

3.    First SLex time/place/partner: Oh…Bravo Daxter. Time? I know it was after I went to the adult beach, so maybe 4-6 weeks into my SL. Place? His place…they had spots on the beach where people could do…stuff…but I was too shy. The experience wasn’t that bad, and I had seen what people did with poseballs on the beach so I wasn’t a total rookie haha. The reason why I remember his name is the drama that happened after the SLex 😛 Geez…

4.    First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Never had one…for about half the time I’ve been in SL I wasn’t even open to the concept cause I had seen too many partnerships go the way of lots of drama. I have been on the receiving end of watching friends change whenever they had a significant other and not value the friendship that we had. Now I am more receptive to one, so we will see what happens.

5.    First SL Job: In January 2011 I became a club manager as well as a store manager. So I went from not working at all to immersing myself in work.

6.    First SL Creation: I think it was a bathing suit…was really cute too.

7.     First Encounter with a Linden:  We had a griefer on the sim the store was on, so the owner contacted the sim owner, who then contacted LL. A Linden came by a half hour later or so to see what was going on.

8.    First Encounter with a SLebrity: This is a hard question…I feel like all of the people who would be considered SLebrities were at their height of their “careers” before I came to SL. So I would react to them differently than someone who was around in 2007-2008. That’s not to say that I don’t do a double take when I see content creators, bloggers, photographers, and people from Plurk inworld.

One time, my friend and I were at LISP Bazaar, and I saw Matteo Bettencourt and I think Angelik Lavecchia. I was telling my friend omg they look good even when shopping for furniture!!  They looked like someone literally pulled them from the runway and placed them into the store.

9.    First SL Sim you fell in love with: I liked Lionheart Ahadi (the sim where the store was located), because it felt like a neighborhood. We used to go driving when we weren’t working, and went to the adjourning sims, which were really nice. It felt suburban in a way. You could take the train or bus to different places as well.

10.    First SL Blog Post: https://monisworldsl.wordpress.com/2011/04/24/easter-sunday/

I always feel like I talk too much in these memes lol.

Styling Credits

Skin: al vulo– Ramona* solstice dark brow sunkissed (old TDR fusion item)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Betty Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (this month @ Fameshed)
Top: ISON – oversized top – (black) (last month’s item @ C88)
Pants: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * Dirty
Shoes: [Gos] Grace Sandal – Red Glitter (V-day group gift)
Jewelry: Artistry by E – The Bruna Set (group gift; item in stores soon with different color matches)
Pink Fuel – Classic Lipstick – Pin Up Red
~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss
Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes

Pose: Di’s Opera – Black Seduction @ Limited Bazaar

A Walk in the Park

Relaxing in the park at MAYFAIR

Hey guys! I just finished shopping at the coldLogic sale (last day for 50% off the entire store!), and I decided to take a stroll on the MAYFAIR sim. I managed not to visit any clothing stores (for now anyway :P), but I do like to shop mainly when I come here.

After snowstorm Nemo  had me shoveling snow for over an hour yesterday (why did they have to name it after the cute fish in Finding Nemo, anyway?), it’s nice to be able to dress fashionably warm on Second Life…with NO SNOW!

The chea leggings & yapple shirt from coldLogic, along with the Stagioni boots from Maitreya makes me feel snuggly warm inside. I really like how coldLogic makes realistic textures, both the shirt and leggings makes me want to run my hands along the material. I guess that’s why the store has never been empty since the sale started ^^

As for jewelry, I just went with neutral tones that would complement my current outfit. Some people will just take a jewelry set and wear everything that’s there, which is okay. But for instance, if I would had done that with my Donna Flora ring, the result would had been a casual outfit with over-the-top jewelry. Don’t get me wrong…I love my statement jewelry….but that’s too much of a statement 🙂

Okay – that’s all from me for now…stay warm guys!


Styling Credits

Shirt: coldLogic shirt – yapple.cream
Leggings: coldLogic leggings – chea.taupe
Boots: Maitreya Stagioni Boots – Chestnut
Skin: al vulo– Lyala* Mystic blonde brow sunkissed
Hair: [e] Abbey – Brown 09
Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink

[mock]Crema LipColor-Golden Dawn
Mock  – Blush- Leather
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [gris]
Miamai – Catwalk Lashes-Glitter 01

(DF) GIORGIA ring platinum
Chop Zuey – Inner Evolution Necklace
Zuri’s Chantelle’s Heart Earrings V2

Pose: Corpus

Another Day in the City

classy_009Finishing someone’s chalk drawing

Hey guys!  I’m back in New York City SL, and today I think I will explore the residential area. There are some places for rent…perhaps one of you would like to live in the city? I have a few things that I want to talk about in this post that I’m excited about.

First things first – I finally got the Lolas mesh breasts that everyone is talking about now as a belated gift. I absolutely love them ,and no, I won’t be showing any nudes photos – the fashion feeds are filled with them, so go look there 😛 I am not sure how they grew to be so popular. I think it’s because mesh = new and exciting, and people started requesting a number of designers to make the appliers to go with the breasts.  With that being said, having these breasts doesn’t automatically mean slutty. People do have naturally larger-than-average breasts in real life, and to me it’s like saying they are sluts because they don’t have a size A cup.

One thing I wanted to do was to find cheap/free clothing to see how my new breasts would look in them.


Bewbapalooza is a sales event that caters to those who have enhanced breasts, namely the Lolas mesh Tango breasts. Pretty Liar has a cute 1L top that I snagged and tried on. Actually, most of the stores participating in the event have a free/cheap/group gift, so if you want to practice applying the clothing layers to your breasts and adjusting, this would be the place to do it. Also, the Hello Titty (lol…I can’t even think that without laughing) hunt is going on now. I did get a dress that I will blog in another post…and after looking at the website I think I will pick up a few more items as well.


Yes, the mesh breasts have seams where your skin starts and the breasts end. But I believe when you get the skins that have the appliers for them, you can minimize them. Also, the bigger you go, you have to pull out the breasts some to make it look right. Likewise, the smaller you go, you can pull the breasts into your chest a bit. For the first few days I felt that my breasts were too high up, so I lowered them a bit to make it look better. All in all, I find the Lolas Tango breasts to be relatively easy to use, and worth the price if it’s in your budget and can see yourself wearing them on at least a semi-regular basis.


The next thing I want to show you is the Ladymana hair from CaTwA. This has got to be the GREATEST hair ever…it comes with its own hoodie! Do you know how much I have wanted to wear a hoodie in SL where I don’t have to make the hoodie super big to fit over my hair? And it got me to wear a pink color…something that I don’t do often. The hoodie hair has a standard HUD with 9 basic colors, the lightest color being a lighter version of the pink that I am wearing. For an additional 250L, you can get the pro HUD that has 40+ colors, plus you can have more than one color (at least that’s what the HUD looks like to me when I look at the standard one…it shows you what you can get with the pro).

Until next time guys! ❤

Styling Credits

Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Skin: al vulo– Lyala* Mystic  sunkissed (old TDR Fusion item)
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Ladymana Roots /Honey
Shirt: [PL] Advantage Tee
Jeans: Maitreya Flare Jeans (for heels)  #5
Hot pants: Mimikri – Hot pants / On Stage pink (old item; not sure if they still have it)
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM “Garnet”
Nails: [Bamboo] Nails -Natural French
Clutch: ::HH:: Hucci Knuckle Clutch – Pink Lace

[mock]May LipColor  [nightshade]
[mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with lashes [Olivine]
 Al Vulo! Mesh Lashes

Chop Zuey – Summer Solstice Ring
Artistry by E – Bracelet 1 (old womenstuff hunt gift)

Second outfit:

Shorts: MIEL FIT SHORTS – natural
Sneakers: ::Duh!:: (W) Sneaker Boots Black Out
Socks:  Indyra Originals – i(heart)Unity over-the-knee gym socks: Black
Lollipop: n/a

Poses: Manifeste, Corpus, DARE (n/a)

New group gifts @ Maitreya

Hello guys! I heard that Maitreya had some nice group gifts and discounts for their members, so I decided to stop by to see what they were!

The first thing that I saw was this lovely mesh pencil skirt. Form-fitting garments look really good in mesh, and this skirt is no exception.

Maitreya also has free mesh lashes. This is the first time that I am wearing mesh lashes, and like other people have said, they seem easier to adjust than prim lashes. I was a bit wary of purchasing them, but now that I see how these are, I won’t hesitate next time I see a pair that I like. The only thing that I noticed is that mesh lashes are kinda tricky to grab when editing. I kept getting my hair for some reason, despite the fact that this hairstyle is pretty much out of my face.

I didn’t open this package yet, because I am not sure what I will wear with them. But aren’t these boots goregous? I believe they are 225L now in this color only. Make sure you wear your group tag!

Until next time – happy shopping!

Styling Credits

Skirt: Maitreya Mesh Skirt * Group Exclusive *
Top: /artilleri/ Katee top (jacket) *navy*
Hair: Clawtooth: Femme fatale (bun) – Uptown brown
Skin: al vulo– leilani
Shoes: N-core SENSE 2 “Bleu”
Makeup: [PF] Elly <Maple> Pop Lipstick (Laser), [mock]Blackest Night Shadow (eyeshadow)
Lashes: Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
Pose: Glitterati