Face Off

Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are incredible finds for bargain skins in Second Life. I found out about it because I was looking for an Asian skin for a new project at The Powerhouse Collective. Sadly, the project fell through, but I still wanted to style something.

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Celebrate Back to School with YoU by GeMyles!

YoU by GeMyles & Myles Harvy Couture celebrates September with their Back to School EVENT!

For each day in September, both stores will give a 50% discount on ALL items with the same letter. For instance, September 1st  they will discount all items starting with the letter “A”.

In addition to the sale, YoU by GeMyles has a cool schoolgirl gacha set for Maitreya, Belleza Venus/Freya, and Slink Hourglass/Physique. You can win a schoolbag, skirt, socks/black pumps, shirt, or tie in the colors teal, blue, purple, red, or black.


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Sia and Courtney

Sia by Glam Affair

Hey guys! I have been busy as of late – I am fixing up my new house ^^ Behind me is part of the kitchen set that we ended up getting. I especially liked the color change option – very nice. Well anyway, I wanted to show you all the new skin that is out from Glam Affair as part of their flash sale. 2 tones (Asia and Jamaica), each with freckles for a total of 4 different skins to choose from. Each skin is 399L – 6 eyebrow options (including no eyebrows), a shape, Loud Mouth and  The Shops mesh head appliers. When I went to the store just before publishing this, they had 99 copies of the freckle versions, 65 of the regular Asia and 32 of the Jamaica (which is what I am wearing). So go go go!

Courtney by Blacklace

Also, Blacklace has a new group gift – the sexy Courtney lingerie. Courtney has several colors – purple, pink, blue, black, red, and teal. It also has the Omega and Slink huds, so it’s good if you have any mesh that uses those huds.

Okay – back to decorating! ^^

Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Sia (limited edition)
Lingerie: Blacklace – Courtney (this month’s group gift)
Hair: Exile – Letters and Lipstick
Necklace: Cae – Karma