The End of 21 Shoe

It is with a sad shoe-loving’ heart that I tell you all that 21 Shoe is closing. According to the website:

Dear 21Shoe Fans,

We are sorry to announce the closing of the 21Shoe Event. We have loved every minute of bringing you some of the best SL designers in all their exclusive goodness. We hope you’ll continue to support SL designers at their main store locations and continue to spoil your toes with all the grid has to offer.

As a farewell, some of our designers will be putting up one last 21Shoe offering for July, but we will not be able to offer a catalog of those offerings. Please watch group notices for more information directly from these vendors! (read more here)

So one of the designers that is offering something for a final farewell is Essenz.

Hi all,

I’m happy that Essenz could have been a part of 21Shoe so it’s sad to see the event go now. As a goodbye I would like to put out some exclusive colors for the last time.

Sacramento is available in the colors peach and yellow for 48 hours at the main store.
Requires Slink or Maitreya high feet.


21 Shoe July 2015 Second Life

They are also having a 50% off sale off of single shoes, and 30% off fatpacks until July 26th.

It was my pleasure to provide (unofficial) coverage of 21 Shoe. I believe we need more in-store happenings to encourage people to support main stores. 

21 Shoe Event – June Round (48 hours!)

Hey everyone – welcome to the June round of 21 Shoe! This round is special because this is the first time that these deals will be available for 48 hours! So if you overslept or couldn’t make it on today, you still have another day ^^

This month’s group gift is from Klepsydra- exclusive stockings in system layer and several mesh body appliers.


Klepsydra  stockings - 21 Shoe June group gift

We have some new shoe designers on board, and some designers were not able to make it for this round. A couple of suggestions to the new designers:

1. Always have demos for your shoes. You are promoting your shoes to a broader audience who may not be familiar to your brand.

2. Labeling your ad to reflect which mesh bodies or feet can wear your items is a major plus. Sometimes people want to be able to tell at a glance whether a shoe suits them or not before trying on a demo.

Most of the shoes are “Exclusive” this round. This means they will only be available for this event, which ends in less than 48 hours. Look here and go to the stores now! ^^

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21 Shoe Event – May Round

Hello shoe lovers – welcome to another round of 21 Shoe! Last month I had promised to keep you updated on whether the group will give out gifts for being a member of the group. And they did! Last week we received the following:

“Ahoy shoe lovers. For this round of 21Shoe we have an exclusive set of 12 fashion poses with mirrors courtesy of Thirty Loop Animations. The included 21Shoe Simple Pose Stand will whisper you instructions when you stand on it. Thank you for your fashionthusiasm and support!

Because of this stand, I was able to take this lovely shot – and it seems to be pretty popular on Flickr so far ^^

 This month it’s clear that Slink and Maitreya dominate as being the most popular shoe type. I think only one designer had just Slink. The Mesh Project has some shoes as well. After some feedback that I heard in a group last month, I have decided to list whether the shoe is exclusive, new, etc. This will help others who didn’t get a chance to get the shoes today figure out which shoes are still available. Most of the shoes ARE exclusive however, so that means you only have ONE day to get them!


21 Shoe - May Round - Second Life

 Bliensen + MaiTai  New

Slink High| Maitreya| TMP| Belleza (non-rigged)
Demo  | 329 L

21 Shoe - May Round - Second Life
Essenz Exclusive

Slink Flat | Maitreya
Demo  | 280 L

21 Shoe - May Round - Second Life
G & D Exclusive

Maitreya | Slink High | TMP
Demo (but doesn’t seem to be clickable at this time)| 300 L

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21 Shoe Event – April Round

Hello everyone, and welcome to this round of 21 Shoe! It feels good to be back, but I think I will need to take this new computer back to the shop for them to look at it. It keeps restarting at random, and I can’t identify the cause of it :/

What has changed since the last round that I covered? There is a group fee of 150 L, which I find odd. I mean sure, it’s great that we can gain access to get great deals on shoes, but items only come out once a month. It’s rough to hold on to a group for 27-30 days with no activity. However, I hear we are going to have a gift in a few days so maybe there will be incentives for people to stay in the group? I will keep you posted.

I see that there is a good variety of shoes for the various brands of mesh bodies – Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and even The Mesh Project. I love the pastel colors for the spring season as well. Remember that these shoes (at this price) is only available for one day only! Some shoes may not be available after today, so keep an eye out for shoes that say “exclusive” ^^


 Bliensen + MaiTai  - April's 21 Shoe Event in Second Life

 Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | TMP | Belleza | 329L

 Eclectica at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| 250L

Essenz at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


No Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | 280 L

Glamistry at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| Maitreya| Belleza |297 L

Ingenue at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | Belleza | 295 L

KC Couture at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life
KC Couture

Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |300 L

 Kokoia at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |199 L

Livalle at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya |  Belleza |299 L

MV at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo | Slink High | 300 L

MyADDICTION at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life


Demo| Slink Mid | Maitreya | 250 L

N-Core at 21 Shoe Event in Second Life

N-Core Design

Demo| Slink High| Maitreya | TMP | Belleza |N-core Xtreme Feet | 395 L

YS&YS at 21 Shoe Event in Second LIfe


Demo | Slink High | Maitreya | 350 L

21 Shoe Event – January Round

Hey everyone – happy New Year! It’s a new round from 21 Shoe, where all of these lovely shoes are available for one day only! If you are new to this event, 21 Shoe is an event where you get 2 shoes for the price of 1. You can update your wardrobe for only half of the cost ^^

Shoes for Slink feet dominate once again for this round, but there are a number of Slink/Belleza/Maitreya shoes for sale. There were not that many for The Mesh Project (TMP). I was surprised that N-Core had shoes for not only their feet, but Slink mid feet as well. So for those who had to say goodbye to N-Core when they purchased Slink feet, here is your chance to get reacquainted with the N-Core brand again.

Happy shopping!


Bliensen + MaiTai

Demos | Slink High & Flat | TMP Ouch & TMP | Maitreya/CMFF/Belleza| 329 L

David C. Heather

Demo | Slink High | 300 L



Demo | Slink High| Belleza | Maitreya | 297 L



Demo |Slink High | 299 L 



 Demo | Slink High | Belleza |Maitreya | 295 L



No demo |  Slink high | 299 L



Demos | Slink flat men & women

Slink mid & Belleza | Standard, Slink, & Belleza (boots) | 399 L each



Demo | Slink High | 340 L



Demo | Slink High | 350 L



Demo | Slink Mid | N-Core Medium Feet | 395L


Sax Shepherd Designs

Demos |Slink High | 299 L


Demos | Slink Flat and High | 350 L

21 Shoe Event – December Round

Hey everyone – welcome to a new round of 21 Shoe! All of these shoes are available for one day only, so head on down to get your favorite pair of shoes! This month there is a nice mix of heels and boots> Also there are shoes for not only Slink- compatible products, but for Belleza and The Mesh Project as well. N-Core has shoes that go with their latest mesh feet.

Eudora 3D will not be participating this month despite the notecard that was sent out in the 21 Shoe inworld group.

Happy shopping!



Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo|Slink flat and high| TMP ouch!| 329 L



Demo|Slink High|Belleza| 297 L


Demo|Slink flat feet| Slink Mid|(boots can be worn with no mesh feet) | 295 L

House of Rain

Demo|Slink High| 295 L


Demo|Slink High| 299 L


Demo| Slink High | 295 L


Demo|Slink High |299L



Demo| Slink High | 325 L



Demo| N-Core xtreme feet |395 L


Pure Poison

No demo |Slink mid| 199 L


Sax Shepherd Designs

Demo|Slink High|Transfer| 399L



Demo| Boots compatible with Belleza, Slink, and TMP|
|Shoes compatible for slink high and belleza| 375 L

21 Shoe Event – November Round

Hey everyone – after a break and a revamp, 21 Shoe is back! There have been some changes to the event, but it’s still great shoes, 2 pair for the price of one!

The most noticeable change I think is the logo for the event. I have to say, I liked the old design better, both in color and structural design. However, I like the fact that you can at least tint the new sign from pink to blue or purple (from observing the vendors). I don’t think a goth shoe or a shoe designed for men would look good in a pink vendor o.O

Next, you can see that there are SO MANY SHOES this event! It’s exciting, right? It was a bit more effort going to every store to see what was on sale, but I think it was worth it.

The shoes are majority for Slink feet, although there are a few for Belleza and I think one for The Mesh Project. Also, there were a couple of shoes that didn’t require mesh body parts to wear. I didn’t see any stores that had built-in feet like Gos or N-Core (although I hear that N-Core has its own system now with the feet + shoes like Slink).

As always, this event is for ONE DAY only!. The website says that not all shoes are exclusive (meaning that they will be available after the 21st), but all of the shoes are new. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance of waiting.

Bring on the shoes!


Bliensen + MaiTai

Demo| Slink Mid| 299 L


Casa del Shai

Demo| 299L



Demo| Slink High| Belleza|280 L

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21 Shoe Event – September Round

Hey everyone – welcome to the September round of the 21 Shoe event! As always, I am showing you what this event has to offer this month, because we all love shoes! This event is for 1 day only, so get to these stores as fast as you can!

For those who are in the 21 Shoe group, you may have gotten a notice that big changes are coming soon. This means a new line-up of designers making wonderful shoes for us to wear – are you excited? I know I am! This month we have shoes for those who have the Physique and The Mesh Project mesh bodies, as well as Slink feet.



demo | slink mid | 349 L


| demo | gift vendor |
| slink high & the mesh project ouch (pumps only)|
| slink physique compatible (boots)|
395 L


demo | slink mid | 295 L


no demo | slink high | 320 L

21 Shoe Event – August Round

Hey everyone – welcome to the August round of the 21 Shoe event! As always, I am showing you what this event has to offer this month, because we all love shoes! This event is for 1 day only, so get to these stores as fast as you can!

For this month, there seems to be a variety of shoes – sandals, wedges, boots. The Miranda shoes from L. Warwick have been mentioned a lot as the shoe to get from this round. But you can be the judge as you check out all of the shoes in this round. Happy shopping!


21shoeAug_002David Heather

Demo, 350 L



Demo, 349L



Demo, gift vendor, 295L


Demo, 295 L

21shoeAug_003L. Warwick

Demo, 399L



Demo, gift vendor, 399 L

21 Shoe Event – July Round

Hey everyone – welcome to the July round of the 21 Shoe event! As always, I am showing you what this event has to offer this month, because we all love shoes! This event is for 1 day only, so get to these stores as fast as you can!

This round there are only shoes for Slink feet. Also, Zaara has joined the list of designers for this round, and her shoes have been quite the talk of the town so far. So check out her shoes (as well as everyone else ^^), and be sure to check out the group gift near the 21 Shoe vendor ^^



Demo not found, 299L

Demo, gift vendor, 395L

Demo,  299L

Demo, 295L

Demo, 350L