Like Summer, Like Autumn

When the sun goes down, the moon tends to shine upon. Sometimes it feels like a blanket of light that just falls over us. ~ Johan 

For the past months, it’s been long and busy days in Real Life. Not that much time to actually login to this place. But when someone asks you why your blog posts are quite short and not that interesting anymore to read, I just have to come clean.

These blogs were meant as a step-up towards becoming a complete mesh person but in the end, what really is a mesh person ? Is it someone who wants to get rid of their old system body and just become 1 in a dozen people or just the opposite where they only change small things and leave the rest the same. 

Well, I am one of the people who is in the last category, I like my system head too much to change that up, however I was able to make some tweaks to it and make it feel more masculinity. 

So now that the summer weather has made way for the autumn weather, I can finally find clothing that fit properly on my Belleza Jake body. A dear friend of mine took me shopping and told me that this outfit would look good on me. Well … since it’s common knowledge that men have no fashion eye I decided to take her word for it and bought the outfit 

In November and December these blogs will be dedicated to finding the ultimate last piece of the puzzle of becoming a complete mesh person. With a bit of luck I might actually get that appointment with the Mesh Head Wizard and finally adjust my shape so I can wear a mesh head without feeling that it’s not me anymore. 

Wish me luck 

Styling Credits:

Shape:         Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:             -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:             A&A Nicolas Hair

Boots:         HERO – Tony – Boots – Belleza Jake
Jacket:       HERO – Tony – Jacket – Belleza Jake
Pants:         HERO – Tony – Pants – Belleza Jake