The Heat is On

In the summer, it can be difficult to find a place to cool off luckily there are many ways in which you can escape from the heat and enjoy yourself during the summer. You can go swimming in the ocean or go fishing on a beach.

A quote from a famous book, very well written but what does it mean? Does it mean that everyone in the summer decides to go somewhere and just drop down and does nothing ?

For me this year, the summer was a little hectic, lot of things came around and even work decided to push me around the globe. So I didn’t get to do all the things that I had planned for these 2 months.

Luckily I have friends that always come up with the strangest challenges, sometimes even to the end of the world strange but that’s all part of life 😉 Now you might be wondering what these strange challenges were …

1) Skydive from a decent height, making sure you don’t crash into each other when you reach the ground.

2) Visit 100 regions and on each region leave a prim with your name on it

3) Host a Fashion show without any help from anyone

Now each of these ideas sounds nice but 1 of them stood out to me the most. Monica had to laugh when I told her which one, she said honestly that she thinks I would never have picked that one.

So, dear readers, you will be the first ones to hear that I will be hosting a Fashion Show in 2023 for The Fashion Loft.

Working title for this Fashion Show: “The Scare of your Life”

The reason why I picked that challenge and not the other ones, since 2018 I have been part of the journey of the Fashion Loft and I think it’s time for me to pick up the glove and actually do something that no one who knows me would ever expect me to do.

So, the upcoming months will be filled with lots of planning, I’m open for ideas.

Styling Credits:

Shape:         Johan’s Shape 2017
Skin:             -NIVARO- Dustin Skin – lighttone
Hair:             A&A Nicolas Hair