Celebration and Exploration

Hey guys! I was invited to a birthday party last night, and it was a lot of fun!

It was Ruvi Gatchie’s birthday (ruvilyn inworld), and she sang for everyone at the Sheworthy Pub. It was for one hour. It seemed short, but when you think about it, most live singers’ sets last for an hour. DJs can play for 2 or more hours.

I was sitting for most of the time, but when they started the conga line, I had to join ^^




Today I went exploring for a place to take a photo of my dress. I ended up at the Tulum Township on Saleria Island. I’m assuming they took the aesthetic from RL Tulum, Mexico. I follow a couple of influencers who are living there, so looking at the scenery at the township was reminiscent of that.

Dress: ISON – salvatora dress – pink
Hair:Stealthic – Metropolis
Shoes: Pure Poison – Vanya Pumps
Pose: FOXCITY – Waiting

While I was here, I learned that people were taking photos for a contest. That would explain a lot, since it seemed like no matter where I went, people seemed to be in the way. It’s a difference between people just walking around randomly and people standing around to take a photo. Also, for the amount of people on the sim, it took a while before someone talked to me. In a way, it was kinda disappointing because I was hoping this was a cool resort place where people come to hang out. Maybe it is, because I read that they have rentals here.

I am making an effort to get out more in SL because I am starting to feel isolated from other people. It’s from too much work, and lately instead of seeking fun things, I just do my work and then log off. And I feel like it is throwing off my balance. I look at my friends list, and there are few people who I can just ask to come over to their place to hang out with them, or just automatically go there.

The last time I asked a friend could I come over to her place, I felt like she was a deer caught in headlights. I don’t think anyone had asked her to come over before. I almost felt insulted lol. Another friend I randomly gave a hug, and she wanted to know did I need anything. It wasn’t that they were being mean, it was just that I didn’t build that relationship with them yet where I can randomly message them and give them a hug, or ask to come over. And for all I know, maybe they don’t like visitors in their personal space or to give hugs freely lol.


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