How are we doing?

How has the New Year been so far? And I’m not talking about what’s been in the news. I’m talking about what we have been doing personally to make sure that we have a better year this year than last year.

Dress: Tiffany Designs – Sensual Gown + Glam Earrings
Hair: EMO-tions:. * HAIRPIECE M *, BOM mahagony hairbase
Poses: Agape
Backdrop: [BH9] – Tunnel Of Love V2 [P]

Like a lot of people, I am taking measures to maintain and hopefully rebuild myself financially. For everyone who was able to accumulate money and wealth last year, kudos to you ^^ I think I had mentioned it before how RL issues were having a major impact on my creativity. I still haven’t quite gotten it back. Before I felt like I had none. Now, I am taking photos and such, but…I don’t like anything that I am taking.

Let’s take Tiffany Design’s recent release – the Sensual gown. It comes in 11 different colors, and it has both appliers and BOM layers. Gorgeous dress – I can definitely see myself wearing it to work, at an event, or to go dancing. But, I couldn’t quite capture its beauty in the way I wanted to.

This is the first photo that I took.

Backdrop: -MaisonClose- [Sunnywine]- GuestList Pose: Posesion Kelini

I like the golden tones from the background, but when I saw the photo, what I wanted to get from it was not the same as what I saw in the photo.  It didn’t seem regal enough for me, and I felt like I almost looked…shy in the photo. And the golden tones seem to almost wash me out somewhat, even with post-process editing.

Then I tried with different background and poses.

I felt like this was a bit better – I look more confident in both the close up and the full body photos. Even though it’s pink 😛

Why do I not like my photos? For some reason, what I see in my mind’s eye is not quite coming out in my photos. And it has nothing to do with sponsored vs non-sponsored content either – it seems to be across the board. I will keep an eye on it for now.

Happy shopping!

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