Fade to Black

Hey guys! I know it’s been a few weeks since I last made a post. You know when you have a lot on your mind, your creativity suffers? It was more than a creative block; I just didn’t have anything to share with you guys. So, I took the needed time away. It didn’t come without some consequences, but frankly, I don’t care. The pressing issues were way more important.

Pants: VDC Licius Maitreya CROW
Top: Rowne.Venmor Ruffles Top – Onyx.Maitreya
Hair: Foxy – Charm. (S/Genus)
Shoes: AZOURY – Keziah High Heel Shoe Turquoise [Maitreya]
Makeup: LUXREBEL ”YOU GLOW GIRL” Lipstick (GENUS) LIGHT, Izzie’s – Pasties rosy,
CAZIMI: Electric Eyeshadow 
Backdrop: {A Breakfast Convo} For My ADs Backdrop Plain
Poses: Posesion
Shoes 6 (sitting down)
Asia 1 – (top half)
Karla 6 (full body and backside)


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