Dancing Galaxy

There is a dance challenge going on now in Second Life. I didn’t realize until after I finished my own video – what a coincidence! I will not be posting mine, though. Why? I’ll tell ya!

Dress: UC_Koiri_dress
ItGirls – Miami Hairb+Pony – Mesh (rigged) (@ LEVEL Event Aug 1-24)
itGirls – MIAMI Hairbase – Balayage 13 (Genus)
Skin: [the Skinnery] Isla (Genus) honey
Cae :: Balloon :: Earrings,
Cae :: Galaxy :: Necklace

Shoes: N-core SONIA “Fatpack” for Maitreya High Feet
Poses: Posesion Vixn, Viry
Backdrop:FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Walk-in Closet (Pre-lit)

I have been seeing a LOT of videos lately in Second Life. It seems like people are getting better and better at filming Second Life content. I am not sure if some of you remember, but I did a few videos. I was supposed to do more, but….


I wanted to do a video today because this dress from United Colors has sparkles that move around as you move. It’s lovely, and photos do not do it enough justice.


I had to update OBS – I had like version 0.6 or something and now it’s on 25??? Geez. I used to have Filmora last time I did videos, but not anymore. So I found a video editor called OpenShot. Both OBS and OpenShot are free to use. I managed to do this in a single afternoon – re-learning the basics of OBS and how to do things in OpenShot.

Issues that I encountered:

1. I had a black screen in OBS. On the old OBS I had something like SL Screen or whatever, but it didn’t seem to work. So when I went to check for updates, that is when I found out how old my version was. I ended up using I think the display option.
2. If I made SL fullscreen and cleared everything, it cleared EVERYTHING. I could not see how to change my dances. So I had to make everything regular again, and hope I could crop the screen in OS.
3. In Filmora, I could draw a square around the area I wanted to crop. In OS, I had to manually set values to X and Y, height and width. That was annoying to do until I figured the values that would best work with my setup.
3. Because I don’t have my space mouse configured yet, I couldn’t really pan around that well. And the FOXCITY backdrop was tight enough as it was. Last week someone shared some settings on FB that I took a note of. The reason why I don’t use my 3D mouse is because I feel like I have to put a lot of effort to get things to work. The mouse sensitivity may be borked. I had an easier time doing the exercises they have you do to practice than doing stuff in SL.
4. Due to all of the above, I wasn’t worried about the dance transitions. That is why the movements aren’t fluid, because it was me either chopping up the video to make it look halfway decent, or the dance went back to the beginning of the loop.

Last year when I finally got my computer fixed, the tech guy said I should upgrade my graphics card to get the best video quality. Maybe within a year I will – not now. Also, I need more RAM and maybe a new C drive with more space. i hope they can copy all of my old stuff to the new drive.

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