July’s Reflections

Hey guys! I don’t even think I did a wrap up last month, which shows you how June was for me lol. Last month was pretty decent, with all things considered, except for the humidity

Dress: Virtual Diva Couture – Bianca Maitreya SNOW
Hair: DOUX – Mineko Hairstyle
Skin: [the Skinnery] Isla (Genus) honey
Boots: MAJESTY– Starfall Sock Boot [nude] maitreya
Headphones: BONDI . The CyberCat Headphones 
LUXREBEL ”STARSHIP” Eyeshadows / Glitter #7
Cosmetize / The Bombshell Collection / Genus HUD
Backdrop: AMI:HAI – Pink Lady GACHA -1

Well, I will say that June’s reflections had to do with knowing your limits.

A friend and I were talking about that, and she said that people think that they know what they can handle, and they don’t. Then, they look like flakes when they have to drop out of things. I know I don’t like leaving projects/jobs/etc, so I try to only take on what I know I can do. This is why I only blog for 5 designers at this time. To some, that makes me not a “good” or a “real” blogger (yes it gets thrown in my face sometimes), but I don’t care. Same with modeling. A lot of show castings are done within the agencies – there are few open castings. For every agency you join, you have to cast for it (which is a process). And then many have requirements (e.g. x amount of shows a year), so if you can’t make a casting, or if the show times are not congruent with your schedule, then you have a problem.

So if June’s reflections had to do with knowing your limits, I will say that July’s reflection is to make time for fun activities 🙂

Last month I felt like  I could take it easy (well, easier). It just may have been because the spring months were so hectic (I won’t even say busy because busy is not always a bad thing).

I managed to visit several fashion shows, and I’ll include the one I went to this weekend at Inworld. I haven’t heard of Gild before, but I will definitely recommend this store to any guys looking for nice clothes in the future.

I have always wanted to go to a SL resort, but sadly by the time I would be ready, the business had already closed. Khitt and I booked a trip to Bora Bora through asharhia.com.  We will be going in mid-August for 3 days and 2 nights. The process is interesting – definitely have not seen anything like it before in SL. I have had my eye on Asha for a while, so when I saw Bora Bora in August, I said, “Why not?”

Going to Bora Bora in RL is a dream of mine – would make a great honeymoon spot. Since it’s my RL birthday this month, booking a virtual trip to me is better than not doing anything at all. 

Okay, my next post is going to be something that I have not done in a while – stay tuned!


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