New Gym Regimen – SML Training!

Hey guys! While working out at the gym last Thursday, I found out about this cool training program that requires nothing but time – it’s free to do. The group seems very supportive, especially since many people cannot go to the gym in RL.

Outfit: Virtual Diva – Milla Short & Top Maitreya SUNNY
Gloves: amias – ARI black – Maitreya
Hair: DOUX – Jenna Hairstyle [L/Boobs]
Sneakers: [BREATHE]-Jordan Sneakers-M.LARA-Black
Skin:  [Glam Affair] Trina Applier [ Catwa ] Basic Line
Location: Get Fit Gym & Get Fit Power Gym

I had wanted to take some pictures with the outfit from Virtual Diva. So I looked for a decent gym, and found it at StoryBrook Estates.

Someone had messaged me and invited me to workout with him.

[2020/04/16 09:51] naruzomachio Resident: hi
[2020/04/16 09:52] ℳøηї (monica.querrien): hello
[2020/04/16 09:53] naruzomachio Resident: you are ripped
[2020/04/16 09:53] ℳøηї (monica.querrien): thanks lol
[2020/04/16 09:53] naruzomachio Resident: haha I didn’t realize there were two gyms here
[2020/04/16 09:54] ℳøηї (monica.querrien): ah okay
[2020/04/16 09:54] ℳøηї (monica.querrien): i just found this in search
[2020/04/16 09:55] naruzomachio Resident: oh cool, I am here too much haha
[2020/04/16 09:55] naruzomachio Resident: I use the SML system
[2020/04/16 09:57] ℳøηї (monica.querrien): what’s that
[2020/04/16 09:57] naruzomachio Resident: it is a gym strength system
[2020/04/16 09:58] naruzomachio Resident: come to this gym and I can show you

So I walked across to the next sim to join naruzomachio at Get Fit Power Gym.

He told me to pick up a HUD for 0 Lindens. I’m a beginner at Level 1 and strength 1, and my stamina (blue circle) is full.  I start with 1000 coins, and I can workout for 1 hour before I get fatigued for the day (green bar).

One thing that I did not take a picture of is my daily workout schedule ( indicated by the cassette-looking  icon right above my level rating. But I get 5 exercises a day, and gain an item after I complete each workout. In addition, I get an item after I complete my workout. I will do a follow-up post to show that.

I was told to next buy the sportsbag and the wristband. The sportsbag allows you to keep 8 extra items in your inventory (which is only 6 items). When you wear your bracelet, it stores the last 5 exercises that you have done, so you can easily go back to do them without setting the machine each time. The downside with that is if you were training on a higher weight, the machine will quickly boot you off if you do not meet the requirements for that exercise. Then you will have to  set your desired exercise in a timely matter.

He told me that I can either buy supplements with my coins, or get them through lucky boards and daily items. They have supplements for strength and stamina, and you can win more training time (in 5 or 10 minute increments) once you get fatigued.

So naruzomachio  and I both started to do our exercises. As you can see, he is a big guy – and he is not the only one! There is a lot of people who like to be strong in SL.  He had said he was happy that he had finally reached 300 strength. At this point I can’t imagine what that would be like lol. I was not able to finish my first set of exercises because I needed 17 strength, and even with supplements, I had a long way to go before I reached that.

Naruzomachio and I met up again later in the week. He was happy with my progress, and he showed me how to be a spotter. Of course I can’t spot his actual weight, but we went through the motions.

I continued to train on my own. And now I am at intermediate! ^^ I did the “gym crawl” to all of the different gyms that had the SML set up…got their daily items and lucky boards as I saw them. That can easily take up 2 hours of your time.

And yes, they have furry gyms 🙂

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