Part 2: 10 Years in Second Life – Who Would Had Thought?

Hey guys! Welcome to part 2 in my 10 years reflection of Second Life. Today, I will revisit some old haunts that are still around. And I will answer some questions about the past 10 years. It kinda reminded me of the question that I was asked to answer for ECLIPSE magazine.

Jacket & Skirt: UC – Josette
Hair: Analog Dog – lio – ALT
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Chandrani Necklace & Pendant
Skin: Glam Affair – Arina Applier [ Catwa ] 006
Makeup: Pink Fuel Pin-Up Pout, Beauty Glaze – DRAMATIC (Eyesdw. + Brow)
Backdrop: (Milk Motion) sub level 1 – The car park – RARE

So what I did was to visit old landmarks that I have in my inventory (yes…I don’t delete too often :P). Sadly a LOT of places are no longer around. But I still managed to do some reminiscing.

Cigar Yachts 
Pose: Foxcity – Loner

Back in March 2010, Scotty and I visited this place, and we took some pics of me laying on some of the boats. They had poses on the boats at that time – I certainly didn’t have any lol. I’ll spare you my 2010 photos…you have seen enough of those 😛 Since I already have a nice luxury car, maybe this year I can have a luxury boat? 🙂

Lionheart Ahadi

Ever since Erotique Designs closed down, I visit the sim about once a year to see how the Lionheart neighborhood has changed. This year made me sad because even though there is still someone renting here, the surround areas is pretty empty. There used to be businesses everywhere, and now it feels like a rural area. Lionheart has always been a bit pricey, but I think people were paying for the neighborhood feel to it. It doesn’t feel like that anymore. However…

Club Twinflower

I was happy to still see that this place is still around. It’s located on the opposite end of the Lionheart Ahadi sim. I never went here for any events, never spoke to the owner. But I do remember when they opened…they opened in the same year I was working at Erotique Designs. So I am happy they are still up and kicking.

I remember we actually patronized another club’s event that was in the next sim over, and there was a bit of drama (club drama during EDS days made me swear of clubs for a while…too many disgruntled club owners mad because they weren’t making money).

The Menage Pleasure Village

Now, here’s something interesting. I think this sim opened up April 2, 2011. Someone gave me the landmark to this place on April 10th. I don’t have any pictures of this place, so either I never actually got to go here or (more likely) i never did anything that was “picture worthy” if you get what I mean lol.But the reason why I mention this place is because back in the day, we always got information on new places. It was always, “Monica – I found a new place at so-and-so. Want to check it out?” And I would go, “Sure!” and we went.

There was one new place on a mature sim where I knew like half the people there…no kidding. And it was at least 30-40 people there. It’s because we all got around those types of adult places, so it wasn’t a big thing to want to check out the new place. But of course, like all adult venues on moderate sims, the place got reported to LL and they had to relocate to an adult region. And of course, this meant death to that venue. Back then, people just didn’t want to go to adult regions. At first I thought everyone was underage, but then a European explained that he and many others like him didn’t want to verify because they didn’t want to give sensitive information like that to LL. He was definitely not a kid, either.

There In Spirit

Besides Sine Wave (think everyone has animations from them), Scotty took me and JB to this place. We were looking for cool dances for the club he had, and we had a out of fun coming here to dance. You used to see a lot of people here trying out dances. Now I see them at MOVE, but I think it’s because MOVE is in more events than TIS. Everything is so event-driven nowadays…if they are not at an event, you tend to forget they are around. I didn’t forget this place because I have needed dances throughout the years. So I come back every so often to see what is new. But MOVE tends to have free dances and sales more often, so I go there often.

Q & A Time!

* How am I radically different today compared to who I was in 2010? How am I the exact same as who I was in 2010?

I have spoken about this a few times. In 2010, I was the party girl who aspired to become a model, and wanted to do more meaningful things in SL, but no one would give me a chance. Now, I feel people count on me to do just that. I feel like I am still loyal to those I consider my friends, and I am always willing to help those in need when I can.

* If my life over the past ten years was a movie, why was it worth watching? What was the deeper story?

I think my movie is worth watching because not only did I go through a transformation of sorts, but you see how I manage things that happened to me and my friends over the years. You may hear people talk about how their friends back-stabbed them, or how they were cheated on…that and other stuff can cause someone to want to leave SL or change their accounts. I’ve had all of that plus more, and you see that I am still here.

* What professional and personal experiences were meaningful and shaped me?

Personal experiences that shaped me? Choosing to become a blogger and a model in SL has opened up many opportunities to me. Both have significant communities where I can socialize in some way with people.

I think The Fashion Loft is the biggest personal goal that has been made into reality. I do believe we can celebrate a variety of groups under the umbrella of fashion, and see how they all can come together. Also, the decision to have blogger meetups helped me to engage with my fellow bloggers. I learned a lot from having the meetings, and I hope to have some this year.

I have a group of close friends who I would do pretty much anything for. They know who they are, so I don’t feel like I have to name them. These are the people who I visit their homes in SL, talk to on voice, randomly take photos of them, and/or they have my RL number. I don’t take their friendships for granted, and I hope they don’t think I do.

Even though I have worked with the the following people professionally, I am happy to call all of them my friends. Working with them has greatly enriched me, and provided meaningful experiences.

Natalia and Jania – can work hard, have fun, and be friends with your boss.

These two gave my my first jobs in SL. Nat hired me as an assistant manager job at a club, so I got to be in the club life for a bit. A guy once offered me $500L a day to not work in a club and to be with him…hehe. Jania hired me as a manager, and I will say this changed how I saw SL fashion forever – from my shopping habits to understanding the creator’s perspective when it comes to why they do what they do.

Dorian – showed how being consistent and persistent can help you go far in running a stable business.

I remember when I first started working for her, she had gotten burned by a previous manager. None of the rentals were checked, so I had a lot of work on my hands. We went from having major security issues to a fully booked venue with a waiting list. Through sim griefings to sim expansions, being patient and playing the long-term game pays off.

Angy and Jena – showed me the ins and outs on how to run a successful organization, including how to be kind but fair to people.

When you own an organization with multiple business under its umbrella like Angy does, you always have to think in the best interest of the organization as a whole. From planning events to team management, there are always a lot of moving parts. So you always have to have a game plan to make sure things go well. Also, you won’t get far if you mistreat team members, so always be kind. That way everyone wants to go the extra mile because they believe in you and what you are trying to accomplish. Also, when you are a brand in your own right like Jena is, knowing how to help and/or manage someone else’s brand while keeping your core values is a skill within itself, and highly underrated. You have to learn how to think outside of what you may want personally, and learn how to think in terms of what the brand wants or needs.

All of The Fashion Loft’s core team, bloggers, and models – we accept that we are always in a state of progress, and through our creative work, we continue to strive towards bigger goals that will have a significant impact on our world.

Everyone who has ever fired me, quit, or walked away – people are here for a season, a reason, or for a lifetime. Strive for excellence. Know when something isn’t working and have the strength to bow out graciously, and without ill-will towards the person, group, or organization. It’s okay to say, “No, thank you.”

It sucks when you get fired, even if it’s in Second Life. It sucks even more when people try to spread rumors that are not true, and attack you personally or professionally. If I could, I would want to get along with everyone on a basic level. But when people take the stance of “You’re either with me, or against me”, then that’s impossible. And more people are like that than what you may think.

I have been attacked on my skills as a blogger, a model, my work ethic, and pretty much everything that I stand for. Again, I’m still here after 10 years, and I’m not going anywhere until I choose to do so, on my own terms.

* What excites me and bothers me most about the direction that Second Life is headed?

As RL technology gets more advanced, the potential of what we can do in SL increases. If you look at how we looked in 2009 to 2019, it’s a world of difference. We can see this in the photos for the decade challenge…heck even in my own photo. Not only has my physical appearance changed, but my own photography skills changed. So it’s an exciting time to be in Second Life.

What bothers me is that I don’t think Linden Lab has been able to think far ahead. Maybe because they had a number of CEO changes over the years that had different goals for Second Life in mind? Can you imagine if Apple or Facebook had several people heading the company over the same time frame? The companies wouldn’t be where they are today. Because of the inability to think ahead, the gap among users have grown so much that I am not sure if it can be closed.

When I started SL, there used to be a lot of different species in SL. We heard a lot of incidents where non-human avatars were discriminated against. Even though it’s not a good thing, the fact that we heard about it meant that they existed, and they were around. I never hear anyone talk about furries or nekos or vampires anymore, and this was the norm when I first started. Now, if you don’t have a lot of money to start in SL, it’s clear that you stick out. Before, with some effort you could create a unique avatar. Now, I’m not even sure what clothing you would be able to find if you don’t have mesh components.

* If I knew for a fact that I had only achieved 3% of my potential, what do I need to do to unlock it?

That’s scary when you think about it. 10 years, and only achieved 3%. It makes you wonder whether you will have exponential growth in the next 10 years, or will you continue to slowly progress. But then again, if someone said that you could have 3% of 10 billion dollars, that doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

In order to unlock my potential, I believe I would have to be open to new experiences, no matter how scary it may be. I also would need to be in a good mindset in order to be able to process those experiences. Continuing to surround myself with supportive people, while seeking people who can further enrich my SL experience would be a must as well. If you don’t meet new people and make friends, you won’t be able to grow. I do believe this is why people become stagnant and complain about being bored or that SL has nothing for them. If you don’t have the time, that’s one thing. For something that is supposed to be a “second” life, how can someone feel that they have done everything they can?

Okay – I think that’ s all the reflection I’m going to do on my 10 years in Second Life. Now it’s time to get on with 2020 – new adventures, here I come!

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